Geocachers Make Gruesome Find

It sounds like a bad movie script … Four Oregon geocachers go looking for a hide named ‘Skull n’Bones’ but actually find a body floating face down in a swamp.

Unfortunately for Daren Drops (GC handle: Bad Duck), that’s exactly what happened on Sunday. The Coos Bay resident discovered the badly decomposed corpse “a quarter-mile from the North Spit Overlook” about 3.30pm on Sunday while out geocaching with three friends in the wetland recreation area.

Drops was returning from GC216QZ Skull n’Bones when he saw the body floating face down in open water. “I thought it was a propane tank floating,” he told the World newspaper. “When I got closer, I realised it wasn’t.”

According to his Found log on Geocaching.com: “After getting a nearby cache by kayak, Kittysquisher, Emeljay and myself decided to see if we could do this cache by kayak. Starting in the southwest corner, we zigzagged through the trees in the swamp. With high water, we were able to pick our way through. Landing our kayaks we bushwacked over to the other small lake and waded in the crotch-deep water out to the cache.

“Ahhh, there it was. Got the log signed, back through the woods to the other lake and back in our boats. Wind in our favour, back to the trucks we went. But I decided to check out the rest of this little lake. That’s when I made the discovery: a dead body floating in the water. A call to 911 to report it, then several hours hanging with the Sheriff’s Department as they retrieved the body. If you go for this cache, expect an adventure that you will never forget.”

A Coos County deputy recovers the body from a pond on the North Spit.

Drops and his friends could not tell if the body was male or female, though they did say the person was wearing blue jeans, sneakers and a T-shirt.

The Coos County Sheriff’s office recovered the body around 6.30pm before handing the case over to the medical examiner’s office. The victim’s name and gender were not released, nor were any details available on how long the body had been floating.

There has been speculation it may be that of 59-year-old local man Wyman ‘Wade’ Weathersby, 59, who went missing in early February after going for a walk on the beach.

Personally, this is my WORST fear as a geocacher and I’ve been known to white-knuckle it through those times when police are searching for a dead body here in Wellington, rather than take the risk of being the unlucky finder.

As some of you will be aware, Cumbyrocks and I grew up around our father’s funeral parlour so I’m definitely not squeamish. It has more to do with the weird fact that my geo-plans ALWAYS seems to co-incide with the area being searched.

However, it seems that such finds happen quite often in the big, bad US of A as evidenced by the fact there’s a GC public bookmark called Caches Where Dead Bodies Have Been Found.

You can also read how other geocachers feel about the subject on the GC forums.

*Have you ever encountered a crime scene at GZ? And no, we’re not referring to a poorly placed nano. If yes, tell us about it below …


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  2. Jim Taylor

    I was FTF on a cache that was later archived after being discovered by the search teams looking for Caylee Anthony in Orlando.

    Looking at this link: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&t=h&source=embed&oe=UTF8&msa=0&msid=117106854364135896910.00045dfb29991c9cd5ece

    The blue mark is the Anthony residence, the red mark is where she was found. Looking on Lee Vista Blvd. just east of Covington Cove Way is a bare triangular area. This is where the final for the cache was located, and obviously would be part of the search area.

    GC1DDD4" rel="nofollow">http://coord.info /GC1DDD4

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