Navicache Goes Mad

The company that purchased the Madcacher blog in September last year has now extended their geocaching domain further to included the languishing Navicache.com geocache listing site.

Leeward Coast LLC, parent company of the geocaching blog www.Madcacher.com, announced today the purchase of www.Navicache.com one of the longest-running geocaching websites on the Internet.

Navicache.com, first registered in 2001, currently has a database of over 11,500 caches worldwide and more than 38,000 registered users. Leeward Coast plans to integrate it’s existing geocaching blog and social media presence to include Navicache.

So I wonder if that means it’ll be renamed Madcache?

Ej Martin, CEO of Leeward Coast, said about the purchase, “I am very excited to bring Navicache.com into our portfolio of websites. Both Kurt and I are avid geocachers and our interaction with the geocaching community has been nothing but positive since taking control of Madcacher.com. When I saw that Navicache.com was for sale, I felt that it was important that it remain an independent geocaching resource and not land into the hands of someone who wanted to turn it into a link-farm or other property.

Over the course of the next few months, the website will be receiving several updates, the responsibility of which will fall to Leeward Coast’s COO, Kurt Milligan. “The acquisition of Navicache.com is a major milestone in our efforts to create the best geocaching experience on the internet,” said Milligan. “Navicache.com is one of the oldest websites devoted to this exciting adventure sport, and we are proud to extend the website’s capabilities in years to come. We have a lot of big ideas for the future, including a major site redesign, updated functionality and a few secret features we’ll keep under wraps, for now.”

It’ll certainly be interesting to see how the Navicache website develops, how quickly and, in particular, how it integrates with the burgeoning Leeward Coast geocaching kingdom. Hopefully we’ll be able to bring you some answers from the new owners soon.


  1. Tim T

    It used to be that navicache.com was mildly “interesting”, especially being in Rochester, NY where the site started by Quinn Stone locally. By the time I had started in 2003, it was already largely ignored in favor of geocaching.com.

    A few locals would cross list their caches on both sites, and then forget to remove them from navicache when they retired the cache. As a result, over the years the navicache.com site, at least locally, has turned into a redundant and largely ignored listing site.

    Should be interesting to see what madcacher can do with the site, especially with the more serious competition from opencaching and Garmin’s “fake” opencaching.

  2. Ej Martin


    Thanks for the interest. I myself am located just down the road from you in Canandaigua, NY. We’re creating a request for proposal from a few different web design firms as the website is in PERL and neither of us has experience in that medium (we’ll most likely convert to a PHP base). From there we’ll spend a fair amount of time planning and testing before we launch anything.

    And we hear you (and a lot of other’s) critique on the decline of the site over the past few years. It will take some time, but we’re confident we can make it relevant again.

    Thanks again,
    -Ej (1/2 of the Madcacher/Navicache team)

  3. Mr.Yuck

    Best of luck EJ. Yeah, it was rather neglected for years, to be totally honest. Have cache downloads even worked since about 2007? Not sure, that’s probably the last time I tried. The long gone on Geocaching.com cross-listings are a problem all over the world, I’m sure. People would cross-list a cache on Navicache, get very few, or often no logs at all over the life of the cache, and forget about the cache. There seemed to be, in my opinion, a “it could still be there, and listed only on our site” policy, and it was difficult to convince them to kill the listings, unless the owner responded to their inquiry.

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