Taking A Trip Into The Open

Last year, It’s Not About The Numbers posted on the creative flair of TripCyclone, now the science teacher from Grandview, Missouri is going take a trip into the world of OpenCaching …

When OpenCaching first hit the world, I explored a little bit, ran into an error, and then moved on. Life got busy and I was barely geocaching, let alone exploring a new site. Now that it has been out for over a year, how about I go back and really delve into the site. Explore it. Try out its features. Then, report back to all of you.

I say yes!

How can you contribute? I feel that you should be involved in some way. Here are some questions.

1. Are there any particular features that already exist that you would like me to explore?

2. Are there any features that don’t exist that you think should be added?

3. Are there any flaws or errors, or a basic feature you think should be there that has not been implemented?

I will try to go through each of your contributions while I examine the site. I plan on starting either tonight or tomorrow.

A great chance to give some direction to this investigation here. If you’ve got anything in particular you want to add, head on over to Trip’s website and comment there.




  1. NativTxn

    Are you talking about the Opencaching network or the Garmin caching site?

    1. Cumbyrocks

      Good question. I had assumed it referred to the Garmin site, however it could apply to oc.us. We’ll get a clarification.

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