Microsoft Flight Virtuals Caching On Fast

Microsoft Flight’s new Aerocaches have really taken off – if the number of recent searches on It’s Not About The Numbers for these virtual treasures is anything to go by.

A map of the Fortress Base Aerocache.

Since the company’s free simulation game was released on February 29th, we’ve had dozens of requests for tips on how to play. Unfortunately (as some of you will already be aware), I don’t have the requisite hand-to-eye co-ordination to successfully trial Microsoft Studios’ new offering. But that doesn’t mean I can’t offer a few pointers on how to track down those elusive triangles hanging above Hawaiian airspace.

To-date, there are 17 free Aerocaches listed on the game’s website, with visual and written clues as to their whereabouts located here. Another 41 – collectively known as the Hawaiian Adventure Pack – are available for a US$19.95 in-game purchase.

Or better yet, you can utilise the new AeroCache website, where owner Adam aims to provides “all the information you need to find” these high-flying virtuals. So far, he has mapped 13 of the free Aerocaches – more than enough to earn the Ten Aerocaches Of The Day achievement – and 40 from the adventure pack but promises to keep offering “new content daily”. 

Over at Australian blog GameSpy, reviewer Mike Nelson recently panned most of MS Flight’s free features, except for its aesthetics and Aerocaches. “Aerocache hunts are some of the more fun activities to perform. Basically, it’s a scavenger hunt in which you’re given a hint about a location of a floating golden token located somewhere on the island, be it the aforementioned observatory on Mauna Kea or somewhere near Mauna Loa’s caldera.”

More importantly, though, he reveals a  “handy Bing search option” in the game’s menu to help players unfamiliar with Hawai’i’s terrain seek out those tokens. “You just need to be able to pilot your craft there and fly through them to pick them up. Not only do you get a decent XP reward (for what that’s worth), but these missions encourage pilots to explore and become familiar with the scenery.”

To my mind, the more interesting Aerocaches have to be:

CURVATURE OF THE EARTH – The hardest Hawaiian Adventure Pack option, hidden over the largest airport in Hawaii at a staggering 85,060 feet.

BELLOWS – Another in-game purchase pick, sited at an airfield hit in the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.

DERELICT PROPS – Will also cost you but offers views of a storage site for props used in a popular TV show (We’re certain you can guess which one) shot on the northern shore of Oahu.

GEOLOGICALLY ACTIVE – Get the lowdown on the most active volcano in Hawaii for free whilst trying not to crash.

CULINARY CAPTAIN – The hardest freebie, near a monument honouring Captain Cook on the archipelago’s Bi0g Island.

LOW OXYGEN IN HAWAII – Gaze at the stars and Mauna Kea Observatory on this high-attitude flight above Hawaii’s highest point.

*If you’ve logged time in the MS Flight cockpit, let us know what it was like. Did you manage to collect any Aerocaches on the fly?

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