Once In A Blue … Cache: Supporting Autism

You might get a hefty case of the blues this month – but it’s all for a good cause.

As part of its annual support for autism awareness, South Western Ohio Geocachers (SWOGO) wants players worldwide to place “a new cache or two” during April “and call them Blue Caches”.

“April is Autism Month and blue is the ribbon colour that goes with autism,” the American geo-group explains.

“When you place your cache, we ask that you call it BC ~ [Name of your cache]. If you put BC and a space and the ~ symbol and a space, then the name of your cache, you can search on Geocaching.com for a list of all the caches that have been placed.”

In case you need a quick medical refresher course, autism is the term for a range of neurological disorders – all best characterised by impaired social interaction and communication, as well as restricted and repetitive behaviour.

And if helping a worthy appeal isn’t inspiration enough, SWOGO is waving a US$25 Visa gift-card under the noses of new Blue Cache owners. According to its contest rules, the hide with the “most logs by the 2012 Great American Birthday Bash II (GABB) Event” will be the winner, though entrants do not need to attend GC39GQT in Cincinnati on June 30th to claim their prize.

“This is just SWOGO’s way to thank everyone for doing something nice in our hobby,” the group says.

One It’s Not About The Numbers reader already pledging support is Brenda Wheeler-Shirey (GC handle: Sequoia_2), better known as the owner of the Geocachers Puzzle TB. “I thought it would be a GREAT idea if we took this idea and SPREAD it around the geocaching world!”

That’s her new Louisiana hide, BC ~ Blue Cache On the Red, above – which she says “will be placed and submitted tomorrow, weather permitting”.

Currently, there are five active Blue Caches, all placed in Ohio.

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  1. Chunkymunky06

    A great cause and call for support, one the DGS intend to answer as well.

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