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Song lyrics: Like a bad smell or a warm blanket, some of them just stay with you. One of my favourites is the classic line from MC Hammer’s Can’t Touch This: It feels good, when you know you’re down; A super dope homeboy from the Oak town; And I’m known as such; And this is the beat, uh, you can’t touch.”

When I’m feeling a bit gangsta, I’ll tune into Lose Yourself by Eminem: “You better lose yourself in the music; The moment, you own it, you better never let it go; You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow; This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo.”

And now I get to rap along with the latest release in the ‘geocaching’ charts …

“C. I. T.O along the way,
We help the homeless, feed the strays.
We don’t just help, we do good deeds,
The best part is the cache is free.”

Those soon-to-be infamous lines were penned by new musical duo The MeerOstriches for their recently released single Geocaching On My Mind. [NB: Check out the full video clip at the bottom of this post.]

The MeerOstriches, aka Lucas Curry and Michelle Chirby, discovered geocaching after reading about it in a book at the Atlanta History Museum’s giftshop in early January. They came up with their geo-rap during that first day of caching.

“We were walking all over the city, making rhymes about how fun our new hobby was and how cool we were for finding caches. This is the first rap song we have written and videoed. All our lyrics came from that first day, and the idea for the video has evolved along the way,” the Michigan pair say.

Both are muscially inclined, playing guitar and dancing – hip-hop for Lucas, while Michelle dances in a modern dance company. But the creation of their song and video was far from a big production.

“It took us one day to record the song on Garage Band, and a few hours here and there over the course of the week to film it while we were together. The project was pretty low-key: we filmed everything ourselves on a digital camera and mastered the skill of camera-propping on random objects to make sure we could both get into the frame.”

They even managed to schedule the production process into their caching. “Some of our shots are at actual geocaches, but we were sure not to give away locations,” they explain.

To date, their video has only a few hundred hits on YouTube and the PG rating at has limited its feedback.

“Since we posted the video, we haven’t received much feedback other than from the geocaching website. Unfortunately, they had to remove our link due to inappropriate language and content so as to keep the site family-friendly. One YouTube viewer commented ‘haha, nice work!'” [Share your thoughts below!]

Currently, there are no plans to produce a sequel, although enough positive feedback could convince the duo otherwise. And just as their music is unique, so too is their involvement in the world of location-based games: “We don’t participate in other GPS games, mostly because we don’t actually have a GPS. We use Google Earth to find the general area of the co-ordinates and then search all over!”

This makes it all the more interesting that their preferred type of geocache is a multi!

“Our favourites have been [GCN1KC]  Rapunzel’s Nightmare in Inman Park (Atlanta) and   [GC336EV] Nichols Arboretum Cashe (Ann Arbor). It’s great to find a geocache that makes you think outside the box, and we are learning that with more experience and practice we have gradually developed better geocaching eyes.”

Come May, the pair will take their show on the road when they join the Peace Corps after graduating, with Lucas going to work as an environmental health specialist in Central America’s Panama and Michelle becoming an advisor on community natural resources in the African nation of Benin.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching their Geocaching On My Mind video yet, be sure to check it out below. Be warned though, this is NSFW and likely to bring a smile to your face …







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