Android Geocachers, Look What’s Coming In CacheSense

It’s Not About The Numbers reported back in January on the release of CacheSense for Android, the popular Blackberry geocaching app that’s been recreated for Android phones.

The feedback we’ve received about CacheSense for Android has been excellent so we thought it was well worth highlighting this recent video giving a first glimpse of its upgraded CacheSense for Android 2.

The version, redesigned for the Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ platform, is still in beta testing phase (where all the kinks are ironed out before release). There’s no word on a release date yet, but this just gives us something exciting to wait for.

It’s worth noting that CacheSense for Android users who paid for version 1 will get the version 2 upgrade for free (because Bruce the developer is such a nice guy, not to mention incredibly good looking).

Thanks to CacheSense Videos for creating this preview!




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  1. CraigRat

    Looking forward to the release version.

    I’m a big fan of CacheSense!

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