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It takes a lot of work and planning to design and build a golf course … Just ask Tiger Woods. His first such attempt, the Al Ruwaya Golf Club course at The Tiger Woods Dubai, has been shelved with only eight holes completed.

But where Tiger failed, Daniel Holmes (GC handle: GEOdanielXB) hopes to succeed.

Holmes is the creator of Adventure GeoGolf, a golf and geocaching hybrid in which players seek out nine or 18 waypoints (involving both the greens and cache hides) on the golf course just as they would a normal multi-cache. The first Adventure GeoGolf course, the Dubai Desert Dunes, is nearing completion and expected to be ready for tee off early this year. And best of all, there are no course fees for playing.

The Dubai Desert Dunes

The 47-year-old Canadian now resides in Dubai and the concept of Adventure GeoGolf came to him one night when throwing around caching ideas with others.

“I’d been caching with some fellow friends and we always talk about new ideas for coming up with new caches. One night after doing a night-time cache, my mind just came up with the idea for doing a GeoGolf course. The basic idea kept me up all night to come up with the original concept.”

Planning and development of his Dubai Desert Dunes has taken two months, with 50+ hours spend on creating his GC.com-listed multi-cache and daily site visits. The course features 18 holes with each of the ‘greens’ housing one stage of Holmes’ multi. There is also a cache at the course entrance, known as the ‘Caddy Shack’, which holds all the instructions for GeoGolf players.

Sounds like an easy power trail, right? Think again.

“After working on the course site and doing all the exploration surveys, doing the whole course on foot will take the better part of a full day – just a little more than a traditional game of golf. Those cachers who will do the course by 4X4 will cut that into half.”

With the Dubai Desert Dunes almost complete, Holmes now hopes that other golf-loving cachers across the world will look to develop their own GeoGolf courses.

“I will surely like to see many more GeoGolf caches built down the road and I’m planning on helping any other cachers who wish to build their own in different countries as much help as I can and support them on the site.”

Geo-variations are often frowned upon by geocaching purists, but Holmes is not worried about criticism of Adventure GeoGolf.

“I say ‘nothing ventured nothing gained’, I see it this way recently I heard about GeoART and I like the idea – one of my caching buddys thinks it’s kind of silly, but then again I think Geodashing takes a special breed of geocacher. I believe each and every geocache is in some way a kind of variation in one way or another; for example, the very first cache created is a landmark which is not really a hide of any kind today! Micro-caches are most often not very significant! So what is pure? Who’s to say?”

Holmes was introduced to geocaching after seeing it on local TV show Treasure Hunters.

Of his own finds, he says: “So far, there has been two memorable caches to date, one was as a guest on the Treasure Hunters … a cache we went in search of called the 3 corners – End of Civilization, which was next the borders of three countries here (Saudi Arabia, Oman and the United Arab Emirates) right in the middle of the desert 650km from home on the UAE 40th National Day.”

It’s Not About The Numbers is looking forward to seeing the first round of Adventure GeoGolf tee off soon. But the combination of geocaching and a sport where it really is all about the numbers makes us wonder whether this is the case for Holmes?

“Numbers are good but this is not the true reason for me to go geocaching. I want to meet new friends, spend time outside in the great outdoors and come up with new cache ideas.”




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