Game Over For GeoTarget24

Time’s up for new Dunedin game GeoTarget24

On Monday, its creators announced the demise of their time-trial GPS hunt, explaining that “as only one person has been regularly playing, we have decided to end it”.

However, the anonymous organisers were at a loss to explain why GeoTarget24 had not proven more popular – especially in such a geo-mad region of New Zealand. “We know that it is reasonably well known about in the local geocaching community so that is presumably not a reason.

“The only fundamental difference between GeoTarget and geocaching is the limited 24-hour life of a geotarget. However, as a new geocache listing in the Dunedin area usually attracts up to half-a-dozen finds in its first 24 hours, we don’t think that is the answer either.”

Since the game’s launch on February 21st, they had released 13 temporarily caches – each available for just one full day. Nine were found by just one player, with only two Dunedin cachers ever logged a geotarget.

Speculation over who was behind GeoTarget24 may have been an issue, they believe. “We decided not to say who we were for two reasons: One, we wanted the game to stand or fall on its own merits, not on who was behind it; two, if the game didn’t take off we didn’t want the embarassment of others knowing that we had failed (a very selfish reason we know, but a very human one). We do wonder if this is a factor.”

In their farewell post, the developers also mused whether a lack of smileys was to blame for the game’s fate. “We wonder if the main reason is that numbers DO count and that people are only prepared to venture out on a GPS hunting adventure if they can count the result toward a cumulative total. If that is the case then it is perhaps a little sad,” they wrote.

“We would add, however, that it was always our intention to keep totals for individual players and to post these online. We talked about a competition and league table early in the game. These were things we would have introduced if the game had caught on.”

Although resigned to their decision, they still think their geo-option has merit and would like to hear other people’s viewpoints on why GeoTarget24 missed its target.

 *Where did GeoTarget24 go wrong? Let us know your opinion below … Cumbyrocks and kjwx hope to offer their own thoughts on the matter later this week.

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  1. TeamElliottFamily

    As the finder of the first ever geotarget I was pretty excited about this variation of the game, but in reality I just forgot to keep checking back each day. If geotarget had been emailed to me on publish I think that may have sparked an interest.

    I have gc.com send me an email on every new listing in my area, so that always get the adrenalin pumping when I’m rushing for a FTF.

    I think the lack of smileys made a difference too. Progress didn’t need to be tracked at GC.com, but what GC.com offers is the norm for most geocachers. Seeing my progress is a big incentive to be out there caching.

    For geotarget24 to really take off I think it needed more infrastructure technologically to support growth.

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