Meet Bushwhacker Bob & His GeoPardners

Howdy, pardners! Let me introduce you to Bushwhacker Bob …

He’s the first in a new series of inexpensive trackables by USA Geocoins, and It’s Not About The Numbers readers get to make his official acquaintance before anyone else.

USA Geocoins owner Eric Kirkland explains that his GeoPardner travel tags will be “family-friendly designs” based on common characters found within the geo-community. “We wanted to create a fun and affordable geocoin substitute that showcases the different kinds of people we as geocachers encounter while on the trail. All of the GeoPardner designs will have our own humourous twist to them.”

The original Bushwhacker Bob sketch.

Bushwhacker Bob is “one of those extreme cachers that we all know who will stop at nothing for a find, no matter how difficult it may be”, he says. “His motto is ‘If you hide it, I will come!’ Some of us ARE Bushwhacker Bob, while others of us are the ones the sit to the side and send Bushwhacker Bob in for those last 50 feet.”

Each GeoPardner tag will stand 2 inches’ tall and “have the thickness of the dogtag” – similar to the American webstore’s popular Signal travel tag. Their designs were sketched by Ohio artist Henry Garden, whom Kirkland has had “the pleasure of knowing and working with for many years”.

“He is a very talented individual who is an extremely talented, fulltime artist.  We love his Bushwhacker Bob design and we are thrilled to have him create the artwork for the GeoPardner characters.”

The first GeoPardner tag should be for sale by late April, with one or two more caricatures joining Bushwhacker Bob’s motley geo-crew later in the year. “Customer response will determine just how many GeoPardners we will introduce in 2013. We currently have several GeoPardner characters we are working on,” Kirkland says.

Second in line for release is Melvin the Muggle, “a rather clueless fellow who wouldn’t know a geocache if it hit him upside the head”.

Kirkland says each tag will cost about US$4.99 (NZ$6.10), as part of his goal to provide “a fun, friendly and low-cost” trackable. For starters, they will be available at both the GeoPardners and USA Geocoins webstores, though he “would absolutely love for other stores to offer GeoPardner tags to their customer base as well”. “We are also hoping that Groundspeak will carry GeoPardners as a stock item.”

Like their more expensive counterparts, each GeoPardner travel tag will be trackable at Geocaching.com, with its own icon and series prefix.

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