Tears Of A Clown: Amazing Geo-Racers Eliminated


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A field puzzle proved too much for The Amazing Race’s first geocachers.

Competitors Dave and Cherie Gregg – better known to fans as the “Married Clowns” due to their jobs at Ringling Brothers Circus – were the second team eliminated from season 20 of the popular reality TV show.

In Episode 2 – which screened in the United States on February 27th – the Florida couple were the last to arrive at a pitstop by El Gran Gomero, an enormous 200-year-old rubber tree in the Argentine city of Buenos Aires.

Their downfall came during a Roadblock task at the world’s biggest stockyards, Mercado de Hacienda de Liniers. One member of each pair had to count the number of cattle in a corral and calculate the average weight per head after learning the pen’s total weight. The problem had to be completed before the auctioneer could move onto the next corral.

Dave volunteered for the task but struggled to complete it, while Cherie watched from a distance, wishing she could help.

Although optimistic about their chances of survival – having just scraped through the first episode to finish in second-to-last place – the 44-year-olds were the last to check in before host Phil Keoghan.

“David and Cherie, you are the last team to arrive. Unfortunately, you have both been eliminated from the race,” he told the couple. “Any regrets?”

“No, not at all. I mean, it will well me up right now to say this, but so many things in my life had to come together to be in this moment in my time. I’m just thankful, so thankful,” Dave said.

“Even though this was a short journey for us, I was proud of Dave. He didn’t give up,” his wife added after their ousting. 

“Cherie and I have been through a lot worse in our close to 20 years of marriage, and at the end of the day, we still have each other. So, we really haven’t lost,” Dave explained. “We’re the luckiest couple on Earth.”






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