Points Of Light: The Evolution Of Geocaching

It starts as a single spark, a solitary beacon in the darkness, and evolves into a light-show of New Zealand’s geocaching history – well, till 2009 anyway.

But no matter how many times It’s Not About The Numbers watches this historic clip, it never loses its magic. That’s all thanks to French player GarenKreiz – that’s his GC.com avatar, right – who created the python script language which portrays the placement of each new hide as a dot of light.  

Luckily for many of our European readers, similar newer animations of their nations’ own geo-progressions exist on YouTube. Enjoy!







*Newer snapshots can be found at Evolution Of Denmark’s Geocaches.


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  1. CraigRat


    why be happy with old 2009 versions for Au/NZ?

    Select NZ and wait for it to download.


  2. Kiwi Moose

    The pinacle of my life, my creation / adaptation got a mention notaboutthenumbers 🙂 It was not too hard to adapt, just needed Zero Gravatis’s help to get a list of all the caches in New Zealand (including the archived ones at the time).

    As CraigRat says, they have more up to date versions so go watch them.

  3. stegan

    I have a version for my account but stuffed if I know how to redo it to update it. Anyone?

  4. João

    new version for Portugal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIUvbtlXLb0

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