RIP Steve Love: Donations Sought For Vlogger’s Children

At a loss as to how to honour recently deceased Geocache Spoilers host Steve Love?

His parents hope you – and each of the former 34,000-plus subscribers to the video-logger’s popular YouTube channel – will give £1 to a trust fund they’ve created for his two young children, Tia and Quinn.

The 30-year-old Brit (better known by his GC handle Sven or motorbiking moniker Svengalie) died on February 4th after supposedly setting fire to his East Midlands home.

Love was cremated at Nottingham’s Bramcote Crematorium on February 17th. His funeral service – previously available to view online – was arranged by Eastwood and District Funeral Services, the same company which is accepting donations for the trust fund.

It’s Not About The Numbers understands Love’s family hope to raise at least £20,000, which will become available to his son and daughter when they turn 18. Love himself would have celebrated his 31st birthday on March 21st.

Friend and fellow biker Mordeth13 announced the appeal on February 17th via a YouTube clip, adding “hopefully we can all do this small, one last thing for him”.

The American vlogger, however, was skeptical that the tally set by Love’s parents would be reached and urged fans to give US$5 if possible.

Viewers subsequently reported donations ranging from US$5 to US$100.

Elsewhere on the globe, Love fans have expressed their grief by creating the Facebook page RIP Svengalie, motorcycle runs and at least five new geocaches in tribute.

American player Ronda Scoles (GC handle: That Old Biddy) placed GC3CWGV House of Sven Travelbug and Geocoin Hotel – pictured below – in Illinois to thank the vlogger for introducing her to geocaching.

“I’ve gotten so much pleasure from geocaching I can honestly say the game changed my life. When I wasn’t able to physically search for caches, I started placing caches; in this way, I’ve still felt like I was participating in the game.

“I honestly would have given up on being a cache owner if it weren’t for Sven. He mentored me in the placement. Sven is responsible for any enjoyment that I or anyone receives from the caches I place. I’m sure I’m not the only one he helped.

*Visit YouTube to see a spoiler video of Scoles’ hide.


GC3CJEB A Tribute To Sven in the British capital of London; a traditional which owner geoibsons says was based on an idea of Love’s. “I hope you like it. His memory and influence live on, yet I hope he rests in peace.”

GC3CZ06 In Memory of Steven Love in Ohio by Cincinnati student Ryan Howat (GC handle: TheBoy), featuring this custom logbook ar right. Howat is also compiling a bookmark list of these memorial caches on GC.com.

*Howat’s geo-memorial can be viewed at YouTube.

GC3CJ34 #1 R.I.P Sven in New Jersey; the first of three tributes by American cacher sinistersniper24 – others are planned for New York City and Pennsylvania.

GC3CJ34 Cryptex Sven Tribute Cache in Texas by the Maddox Family (GC handle: MaddoxFamily2010); the only puzzle cache so far.

HOW TO DONATE: Use PayPal’s ‘Send Money’ option to wire funds to email address enquiries@eastwoodfuneralservice.co.uk, with the reference line ‘For Steve Love’. Contributions can also be made by cash or cheque to Eastwood and District Funeral Services, 154 Nottingham Road, Eastwood, NOTTINGHAM NG16 3GG.


  1. Mr.Yuck

    I made a small donation to the trust fund per the instructions at the bottom of this post. But it was returned by PayPal a couple days ago (about a month after being sent) because that email address never set up a PayPal account. Anyone else? Is it possible there was a typo in the email address?

    1. kjwx

      Sorry about that, Mr Yuck; the email address we were given was incorrect. I’ve checked with the funeral parlour and it should be enquiries@eastwoodfuneralservice.co.uk, not services.

  2. Steve's Mum

    Hi kjwx

    I wonder if it would be possible to update the email address for donations? The Funeral Director cannot accept donations indefinitely so those we come across we are asking if you would update to a new one please? info@svengalie.co.uk . We (Steve’s parents) are collecting any future donations, more info here: http://www.svengalie.co.uk/goodbyetosteve.html

    Also, I wonder if I could just correct your information a little. His home was not in the East Midlands it was in Sussex. We, as Steve’s parents, did not ask people to donate – although of course we are delighted that they did and thank you all so much – the idea actually came from a few of Steve’s friends who asked if they could give money to the children instead of sending flowers to the funeral. Of course we were happy to arrange this and that is where the idea began. We did not ask for a specific figure or ask people to donate a set amount, neither did we have a target figure. The idea soon spread across the internet but got changed a little as it went 🙂

    Thanks so much for this lovely tribute, I have linked to it from a memorial website I have created for Steve – http://www.svengalie.co.uk

    Best wishes
    Steve’s Mum

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