Hitting A New GeoTarget

Do you enjoy rushing out the door to find a new cache or to chase a FTF? Have you found almost all the caches in your area? Do you live in Dunedin, New Zealand?

If you answered YES to all of the above, then the new game of GeoTarget24 could well be for you!

GeoTarget24 is almost identical to geocaching, except for one catch – the ‘geotarget’ is only ‘live’ for 24 hours from the time it is published. According to the game’s website, this “has the effect of giving some urgency to your hunt. It also means that geotargets can be placed in locations where a long-term geocache probably couldn’t.”

Aside from giving FTF hunters something to do between chases, the site’s owners also suggest some spin-off benefits from playing their version of the game.

The game is about giving you a reason to get out into the outdoors, have an adventure (hopefully), find new places and keep fit.

At present the game is seen as a compliment to geocaching.com and the developers have no intentions of growing it into a business, so premium memberships are off the cards. Geotarget has been started by a mysterious pair of Dunedin based cachers who have found all of the caches they are interested in around Dunedin. They also feel that Geocaching.com’s proximity rule was stopping more caches being placed in seemingly cache friendly areas.

For example because there is a multicache in Woodhaugh Gardens much of the gardens has been ruled out for other geocaches because most points around the gardens are within the proximity rule for the waypoints of the cache.

Whilst Geotargets do not need to comply with the proximity rule they add that they would not “knowingly put a GeoTarget so close to a geocache that the two could be confused”  and believe that the short term nature of the placement, only 24 hours, reduces the impact even further.

Hopefully this means that GeoTargets can re-visit interesting places that had a geocache hidden nearby a few years ago and so have been off-limits to new hides since.

Geotarget have set themselves some guidelines but are keeping them under wraps whilst they develop and manage the game themselves. They do comment that the geocaching.com guidelines apply to Geotarget and that specific Geotarget guidelines will be publish in due course. In the future they may also consider a roster system for the placing of Geotargets, so everyone interested in the game gets to have a turn. They have also been thinking about developing other aspects of the game.

We have thought about a league table type challenge to link with the 24 hour nature of the game to spice things up a bit. Something like 3 points for the FTF, 2 points for 2TF and a point for each following finder. There could be a monthly challenege.  We will need to wait to see how much interest builds up.

So far two Geotargets have been placed with a third due to be published today. The developers note that the game is a “work in progress”  and that any advice on the running the technological side of things is welcome.

From my own point of view I think this is a great little innovation. I like the fact that it only aims to be a local Dunedin initiative and isn’t trying to take over the world. It fills a wee hole for some cachers who find they (and their GPS units) are at a loose end. Personally, I’m looking forward to the next Geotarget being published!


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  1. rediguana

    So what you’re saying is that this is geodashing with a 24 hour window, instead of a one month window? I need to drag out my old concept of MeshWar and show you sometime 😉

    1. Cumbyrocks

      In some ways yes, although the geotarget is not random and seems typically easy to get at. I’ve not been able to make my way to a dashpoint yet!!

      Why do I get the feeling Meshwar has an intense level of insanity/fun involved?

  2. Pete

    “… Instead we have dropped some little flyers into some of the newer caches around town and hope that word of mouth does the job from there.”

    I hope they contacted the cache owner(s) and asked for permission first.

    1. Cumbyrocks

      I’m sure they did … so how about those rugby games eh? 😉

  3. Tharon

    Where do you register and or log the find??

    1. Cumbyrocks

      You simply post a message on the relevant blog post at the Geotarget site, just as you’ve commented here.

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