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OpenCachers can finally wear their hearts on their sleeves – well, their preferred logo anyway – though not all players are sold on the new designs.

More than a year after first launching, the Garmin-run listing service has released a small line of OX merchandise for users to buy. The three items being sold through Garmin’s online store include an OX lanyard for US$1 (NZ$1.20), a khaki OX cap for US$5 (NZ$6) and a logo T-shirt for US$5.

Reaction to the new wares was mixed on OX’s forums, with most members objecting at having to pay for merchandise – though the best quote, hands down, goes to member Networkcacher for: “Any hope the proceeds from any sales would go to pay for at least one part-time programmer for the website?”

In reply, moderator TrailTech posted: “Of course, we’ll still be handing out swag at events. Adding them to the store just makes them available to everyone, instead of just people who get lucky and run into us. We tried to keep the prices as low as we could.”

For what it’s worth, It’s Not About The Numbers thinks US$5 for an OX T-shirt is very reasonable – especially if the quality is as high as those caps and lanyards OpenCaching sent us last year for a blog giveaway.

Its pricing structure also stacks up well compared to similar items sold by – US$3.99 (NZ$4.78) for a lanyard and US$14.99 (NZ$17.95) for a cap or T-shirt – though admittedly the GC range is much more elaborate. However, kjwx is waiting for an OX product honouring mascot Opie before she’ll be whipping out her credit-card.

*Will you buy an item of OX clothing? Or are they just too expensive? Tell us below …


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  1. Tim Thomas says:

    March 6, 2012 at 1:29 am

    The price doesn’t seem bad, but I wouldn’t want to show up at a geocaching event with OX stuff on. You’d be laughed out of the event. I remember when people used to wear shirts at events – they got funny looks.

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