Tutorial: Peace, Love & Flower Power

South African geocacher Karsten Vollmer – the brains behind the custom hides at webstore Geocache SA – shows It’s Not About The Numbers how to make his camouflaged Flower Power cache.


1 x Bison tube or pill container
1 x Metal plate
1 x Silicone sealer
1 x Plastic flower or clump of grass
1 x Magnetic micro


Place the metal plate at the bottom of your bison tube before filling it with silicone sealer. This step is very important as the metal plate provides your only means of “attaching” your magnetic micro to your flower.

Cut the lid off your bison tube or pill container and fill with sealer, inserting your flora before the foam starts to set. Let your creation sit overnight so that the silicone can harden and then “attach” the micro.

*Once you’ve made Karsten Vollmer’s Flower Power cache, don’t forget to send us a photograph so we can see how you got on.



  1. nzcoozer

    What a stupid idea for a cache!
    I don’t think encouraging people to pull out plants to find caches is a good idea.

  2. AdventureTharon

    Excellent idea!!! For me there is a big difference between plastic and a real plant!!

    Hope to see some soon around NZ.

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