Second Groundspeak Boss Mega-Excited


Groundspeak’s Jeremy Irish isn’t the only lackey headed to New Zealand’s first Mega event.

Company co-founder Bryan Roth – shown here in typical Kiwi farming attire – has posted his own ‘Will Attend’ log for GC35TTR and told It’s Not About The Numbers that he was excited about travelling Down Under this October for the Labour Day weekend festivities.

“I’ve never been to New Zealand before. I’ve seen many incredible photos and heard some wonderful geocaching-adventure-related stories. I’ve also made a few New Zealand friends through geocaching.

“Me and some of the other (to be named later) lackeys that will be attending the event are really looking forward to the trip. We’re not too psyched about extended time in an airplane, but we are super-excited to spend time there.

“We are looking forward to meeting many of the people that we’ve met over the past few years, seeing the incredible sites, finding some geocaches, completing some geocaching challenges and making new friends at the first-ever NZ Mega 2012 event.”

Roth is also planning to bring his wife Heidi (aka Hydee) and “both of my kids”. “Although they’ll miss some school, it’s such an incredible opportunity for all of us to see New Zealand. We can’t wait!”

Workmate Jeremy Irish posted his own ‘Will Attend’ log on January 20th, saying: “This is pretty close to me (or will be) so I’ll see you all there in October!”

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