Organised Cache Hunts On The Events Calendar

You heard it here first, folks … Groundspeak has decided to let everyone hold an event purely for the purposes of geocaching – eventually.

Lackey Eric Schudiske told It’s Not About The Numbers that its two month-long event cache trial in Ontario, Canada had gone exceptionally well; so well that it intends to rewrite the rules of our favourite game, thereby allowing organised group cache hunts to become a permanent, worldwide feature.

“Geocaching.com has decided that we will likely proceed with this type of event, but as yet no decisions about when and the details about how are also undecided. We’ll keep you updated as information becomes available.”

INATN thinks this is great news, and that the volunteer Groundspeak reviewers in Ontario deserve a round of applause for taking the initiative to organise this experiment.

*Are you pleased with Groundspeak’s decision? Let us know below …


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  1. John Robb

    We hosted a group hunt and we could tell from talking to participants and reading logs that everyone enjoyed the experience. I look forward to this new type of cache event.

  2. Pete

    I’m happy with this initiative. It always bugged me that we couldn’t organise an event just so that the very thing that geocachers like doing is enjoyed and celebrated together. It also gives the CO an opportunity to lay a particularly nice multi, power trail or exotic GZ and be there to enjoy it with the cachers instead of get a “Nice day, quick find” for hours and hours of design and placement. This could a be an interesting way to get together and spend a night at a hut or camping out in the middle of nowhere. There is also an interesting opportunity to turn it into an ‘expedition’ to go get an FTF that nobody has gone to get due to the extreme location or requiring “special tools” like a boat which isn’t accessible to most cachers. All in all this is a great adjustment to the rules.

  3. Dee Gee Ess on Facebook

    Just pulled this one from their “Guidelines”…
    An event cache should not be set up for the sole purpose of drawing together geocachers for an organized geocache search.

  4. Peter Walker on Facebook

    Dee Gee Ess – do you want to elaborate on your point or did you not read the post?

  5. Dee Gee Ess on Facebook

    Point being, the rule still stands and many geocachers are unaware of this guideline in the first place. That’s all really…not trying to be argumentative…this time. Great topic, by the way.

  6. Dave Racette on Facebook

    Im sure that guideline will get changed/removed

  7. Dave Racette on Facebook

    and even w/the guideline – our local GC Group (MNGCA) already holds such things thru their site
    They just call it Week Night Caching (WNC) and it usually turns 10-30 peoples and the just plan 4-5 caches and its all listed on their site
    So basically its the same thing

  8. Dee Gee Ess on Facebook

    Even though every event I have ever attended has always ended up on a geocache adventure afterwards(sometimes during), many geocachers do not know that events aren’t intended for the act of geocaching at all. We here at the DGS have always though this to be a strange “guideline”.

  9. Kylie Walker on Facebook

    As I understand it, the current event cache rule will apply for a while yet. This is a FUTURE change Groundspeak intends to make and for now there is no immediate plan for its introduction. Still it’s a great move on the company’s part and the Ontario reviewers deserve kudos for going to bat on everybody’s behalf here.

  10. Stegan

    Hmmm… you can already do this can’t you? Just meet up and go caching, just you don’t get an extra smiley. Sounds like fun but, and I’m speaking from a fair amount of experience taking groups of 8-10 junior cachers out and about: you’d need to be careful of eco damage with a large group and perhaps avoid caches requiring stealth??

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