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The mysterious Ninja Duck is a geocacher after Cumbyrocks’ own heart. Not only does he have an excellent name (if we told you, we’d have to kill you) and young caching companions but he is a Blackberry and Android geocaching proponent. Here, he shares some of his evil, insider ninja genius.


Those who follow the CacheSense forums will have noted things have gone really, really quiet. This is because the developer is working on a fresh interface for this already superb Geocaching application for Android devices.

Several terms have been bandied about by users, but it appears the term ‘Gadget’ is going to be the winner. And what are Gadgets?

Think of Gadgets as in-application widgets for CacheSense. This means each user gets to choose what they want to see, where, how large, what colour, and so on.

A pre-alpha release navigation screen taken to extremes.

The list of information you can 'Gadget-ise'.

Pictured left is a pre-alpha release example taken to its extreme:  a navigation information screen where several gadgets have been added by choosing different sizes and colours. Don’t like the way it looks?  Don’t worry!  You can change it!

The developer has asked CacheSense users to suggest the sort of information that they would like to see so that these can also be Gadget-ised.  This isn’t a complete list; feel free to come and suggest more.

This idea isn’t new in itself.  A similar concept has existed on dedicated Garmin GPSr units for some time.

The same mechanism exists for Android program launchers – the Weather widgets, Clock widgets and Calendar widgets are popular for giving users control of what is important to them and how, where and when this information is displayed.

To extend the Android Widget concept inside a program may appear obvious but it hasn’t actually been done to this extent before.  There is a general excitement about this on the app’s forums.

Ancient machines - known as dedicated GPS units - that had a customisable view.

Does this mean CacheSense will be complicated?  Absolutely not. One of the reasons behind this approach is to allow people to create and save several ‘looks’ or themes that can be switched to.

EG: Giving it to a child or beginning geocacher?  Dial up the Basic theme.

Arrange your view as YOU want it.

CacheSense will be released with a sensible, middle-of-the-road theme to get started with, and for most people this will be just about right.

But for power users, the Gadgets inside CacheSense open up a whole new way of fine-tuning this Android geocaching application.

The general idea is that users will be able to share their themes with others who can simply select their preferred design, or use it as a starting point for their own needs.

CacheSenseVideos has been teased about the possibility of getting access to an early alpha version, so we can create a brief video and upload it to It’s Not About The Numbers‘ YouTube channel.

Stay tuned, as they say.



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  1. Pete

    Giving it to a child?

    How about nice LARGE numbers for those of us with older eyes?

    YESSSS!!! 🙂

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