Award Nominations For Dead Geocachers

In the wake of losing Geocache Spoilers vlogger Steve Love and Texas caching legend Alan Stricklin, an American geocacher is calling for the creation of a Geocacher Of The Year award to honour to duo.

Late last week, Ryan Rokey (GC handle: Rynee) nominated Love (GC handle: Sven.) and Stricklin (GC handle: TXoilgas) for a post-humous Geocacher Of The Year award, starting a thread on the GC forums to garner support for his idea.

The Illinois player wrote: “RIP Sven. I, too, have watched many of his videos on YouTube and when I came across (GC329G6) Trojan Horse 2, I was determined to solve it and solve it i did after staring at it for two days. He will be a greatly missed member of our community and for that reason I started a thread to nominate him for Geocacher Of The Year – along with TXoilgas from Texas, who also passed away recently.”

Rokey’s thread has since been deleted by forum moderators.

Currently, Groundspeak does not offer such a title, instead honouring outstanding players with its Geocacher Of The Month award.

*Do you think Steve Love and Alan Stricklin should both be awarded post-humous Geocacher of The Year titles by Groundspeak? Tell us below …

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  1. kjwx

    UPDATE: Ryan Rokey has since advised It’s Not About The Numbers that Groundspeak moderator BruceS contacted him after the removal of his forum thread.
    BruceS wrote: “Though you had good intentions in nominating the two recently deceased geocachers as geocacher of the year, there really is not a geocacher of the year.
    “It is a long-running joke that briansnat [New Jersey geocacher Brian Sniatkowski] is the geocacher of the year every year.
    “The concern is that the thread will get viewed as a joke thread and become disrespectful to the recently deceased. Thank you for understanding.”

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