Geocache Spoilers VLogger Dies In House Fire

Geocachers across the globe are today mourning the loss of popular Geocache Spoilers video-logger Steve Love.

Several hours ago, fellow British vlogger GeoSurprise reported on his own YouTube channel that 30-year-old Love – better known as by his GC handle Sven. – had died in a fire at his Telscombe Cliffs home (shown above) in East Sussex on February 4.

Several threads on the GC.com forums, Facebook and YouTube also honour the player, whose video clips of clever geocaches earned him thousands of fans, a few detractors and even a short ban by Groundspeak.

Upon learning of the tragedy, company co-founder Bryan Roth said: “That is really sad news. May he rest in peace.”

British geocacher Spire67, also of the East Midlands, commented that Love’s contribution to the sport – both in placing popular hides and filming his Geocache Spoilers clips – would be missed.

“His videos – although not welcomed by all – were interesting, inspiring and entertaining. They brought many new geocachers to this hobby that we all enjoy. He also made great videos of motorcycling, the other common interest I had with him … A very sad loss to geocaching but a terrible loss for his partner and children. My thoughts go out to them. RIP Steve.”

Fellow Brit PixelTash added: “I never spoke to Sven, but felt like I knew him thanks to his fun and interesting geocaching videos, which prompted me to think outside the plastic box cache hides. He will be missed here.”

Others chose to remember Love by using his preferred medium of video, with tributes such as this one below by YouTube’s mister0ldschool.


According to a February 6th article in Love’s hometown newspaper The Argus, the young father died after setting fire to his own home.

“Firefighters found the body of Steven Love in his house in Telscombe Cliffs after neighbours saw smoke coming from the property and raised the alarm. The 30-year-old was rushed to Royal Sussex County Hospital but doctors were unable to save him.

“Police said they were not treating the death as suspicious. Officers were last night investigating the possibility that Mr Love, who was alone in the house in Carey Down, had taken his own life. A post-mortem has yet to be held.

“Neighbours dialled 999 at around 4pm on Saturday, February 4 when they spotted smoke coming from the house in the quiet cul-de-sac.

“Detective Inspector Ian Williams said: ‘This is a tragic incident in which a man has died. Neighbours were quick to alert the fire service when they saw smoke within the house and firemen broke in to make the rescue. Together with East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service, we are investigating the circumstances of his death but are not treating it as suspicious’.”

Details of how the fire started or how Love died have not been released.

His brother Chris Love (GC handle: ChrisLuv) later posted on the GC forums that although the death was “still horribly raw for the family”, he would be taking over Steve’s caches “when the time is right”. He invited players wanting to attend the funeral to contact him for more details.

Unfortunately, Love’s passing wasn’t the only tragedy to befall the geo-world this week. On Tuesday, the Texas Geocaching Association announced that local legend Alan Stricklin (GC handle: TXoilgas) had died on January 28th while in Oklahoma on a business/caching trip. More information on the passing of this popular pathtag trader can be found on the group’s Facebook page.

*It’s Not About The Numbers would like to offer its sincere condolences to the families of both players – especially Love, with whom we were often in contact. It is the contributions of people like these that makes geocaching such an amazing hobby. Their loss will be keenly felt by the entire geo-community.


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  1. Carolynn Langley on Facebook

    R.i.P. a sad loss

  2. Chunkymunky06

    I smell a conspiracy… 🙂 Unfortunate loss. Condolences to his family.

  3. Dave Racette on Facebook

    very sad! he will be missed…

  4. stegan

    My goodness! I had no idea! I had noticed there had been no new videos but had not suspected that a terrible tragedy had occurred.

    @Chunkymunky06 – conspiracy, what a muppet thing to say, putting a smiley after it doesn’t retract it.

  5. Jason

    You introduced me to a new life and you will never know how you touched thousands of others. May you forever “ride on”. You will be missed by all!

  6. Apryl

    My husband just told me about this lastnight. Damn, I’ll really miss watching his video’s as they come in. RIP SVEN You’ll be missed.

  7. Atlas Cached

    This is a very sad day for the geocaching community. Sven will be missed by a lot of people, myself included.

    Rest In Peace, Sven, and God Bless your family and loved ones.

  8. chris fleming

    R.I.P very sad and i have only just found out terrible news

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