This Boy’s Trackable Life

Four-year-old Davide Lencioni has a geocoin collection most adults would envy.

Since the Italian toddler’s birth, his godmother Katja de Vries (GC handle: kdv) has been amassing the coins as a record of his life.

“He was born in January 2008 and, of course, I created a Geocaching.com account for him the day he was born (GC handle: bruchino). Each coin is supposed to tell a piece of the story of his life,” says the Dutch-born translator who, like Davide and his parents, resides in the Tuscan city of Lucca.

So far, she has collected 18 geocoins for her godson, whose nickname of “bruchino” means little caterpillar. Some refer to milestones in his development, others to geo-expeditions he’s attended with de Vries, while her latest acquisitions honour the youngster’s current passions – notably cars and bowling.

Not that Davide knows of his godmother’s generosity. “He has had a few quick looks at the coins so far, but I haven’t explained to him too clearly that they are actually his,” de Vries says. “When a new one arrives and I show it to him, he wants to play with it and that is not a good idea (it would simply mean the coin disappears within five minutes among all his other toys, maybe never to be found again).

“I also asked him what his favourite was, and he indicated the baby in diapers. When I asked him why it was his favourite, he said: ‘Because it’s me, of course!’ (though he said it in Italian).”

Although de Vries is unsure how long she will continue with his collection, she hopes Davide will eventually become a collector himself. “I guess it would be great if, at some point, he picks up an interest in them himself, so gradually he’ll start managing it more and I’ll be managing it less.”

She also anticipates giving him her own geocoins – currently numbering 500-plus examples – “one day”. “I don’t think there will be an official moment. Right now, sometimes his coins are at my place, and sometimes at his. His dad keeps them in a safe place for him.”

To-date, Davide’s collection includes:

  • First Austrian Geocow geocoin: “bruchino’s parents went on vacation to Austria about nine months before he was born.”
  • Baby geocoin: “The blue version, of course.”
  • A New Cacher geocoin: “A baby’s bottle, also blue.”
  • GC & PC January 2008 geocoin: “The month bruchino was born.”
  • The World’s Best Dad geocoin: “bruchino is very fond of his dad!”
  • Cachepillar geocoin: “bruchino is a nickname his dad has given to him, and means ‘small caterpillar’.”
  • Summer Fun Pinwheel geocoin: “bruchino is fond of everything that spins and turns, including pinwheels.”
  • Quadcacher geocoin: “Of course, bruchino is fond of cars. And the purple colour of this coin is the same color as his buggy.”
  • Nerd V2 geocoin: “I participated in the Nerd V2 group project and dedicated a coin to bruchino.”
  • Goudacat geocoin: “bruchino’s family had a cat that looked exactly like the cat on this coin. Unfortunately, she passed away this August.”
  • Annie M G Schmidt geocoin: “Annie Schmidt was a Dutch writer of children’s books. Since I am Dutch myself, I try to share a bit of my culture with bruchino through her books.”
  • What’s in Your Mailbox? V2 geocoin: “bruchino’s name is one of the many names on this coin.”
  • IRC Poffertjes geocoin: “Poffertjes are tiny Dutch pancakes, and sometimes bruchino helps me prepare them using a pan like the shape of this coin.”
  • Austrian Geokidz geocoin: “Well, bruchino is Italian but he’s also a little bit of an Austrian geokid (see coin 1).”
  • Bowling in Morgan geocoin: “When posing with this coin, Davide insisted that I watch it closely, so I would notice that all the pins on the coin had fallen down. Bowling is his big passion at the moment, both on the Wii and playing with ‘real’ pins. All he wanted for Christmas was a blue bowling pin, because that colour was missing from the coloured set he already had (of course, he got a lot more presents than just a new bowling set). He also likes going to the bowling alley, although all of the balls are way too heavy for him (so someone always ‘helps’ him).”
  • Two coins from Christmas geocaching missions: one CITO/Every Day is Earthday geocoin – “not very biographical of course, but it simply represents his first geocoin mission :)” – and a Mackey Made It coin (pictured below) “with all sorts of baby attributes on it”.
  • “Not arrived yet but in the pipeline”, the January 2008 Geocoin Club’s bottle opener coin: “Because January 08 is the month Davide was born.”
* It’s Not About The Numbers is also adding to bruchino’s collection – with one of our own blog geocoins. If you have a coin you’d like to send the four-year-old, please email kjwx@notaboutthenumbers.com.

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  1. kjwx

    UPDATE: Davide Lencioni’s geocoin collection just keeps growing, according to his godmother Katja de Vries.
    “Out of the blue, I received two new coins for bruchino’s collection, sent by the Dutch team Getzie Familie that had read the article on your blog. Two great coins by the way: a red jeep with spare wheel and a red fire truck with actual spinning wheels!
    “Maybe I should start to worry that bruchino’s collection will become bigger than mine this way :)”

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