Find Diamonds While Geocaching

Arizona’s Yuma County has come up with a real gem of a geocaching promotion.

To launch their Centennial Celebration this week, county officials have organised a GPS-based Diamond Rush, with sparkly treasure for the winners.

Beginning on Wednesday, residents will be able to hunt for seven, large glass diamonds hidden around the county that they can keep as souvenirs of the Arizona Centennial.”

Apparently, the prized stones will be hidden in Yuma’s new Heritage Area, which showcases seven major aspects of local culture from the past 100 years. These symbolic areas include transportation, recreation, agriculture, military, the territorial prison, the crossing and the river confluence.

During Diamond Rush week, the baseball-sized glass diamonds, which have a solitaire-like cut with the Yuma County-Arizona Centennial logo, will be hidden within the seven areas.

Beginning on Wednesday, the Yuma Sun will publish one story per day for seven days, highlighting the historical significance of one of the locations that represents Yuma’s culture.

After the publication of the stories, the Yuma Sun‘s Twitter account will release the latitude GPS co-ordinates of the location of the diamonds each day.

At the same time, the Yuma County Twitter account will release the longitudinal co-ordinates of the exact positions.”

Very cool. This concept really makes it worthwhile chasing that First To Find!

And, of course, there is a geocacher behind it all …

Kevin Tunell, the county’s public relations director, said the idea came from an article in the Yuma Sun about the area’s ‘diamond rush’ in 1871.

‘Brian (Longoria) of the communications team and I were trying to come up with fun ways to expose people to the seven areas to be dedicated,’ Tunell said.

‘And I thought it would be a pretty good way to incorporate social media, which is becoming more and more popular.’

Tunell said he and his daughter regularly go geocaching, a treasure-hunting game that uses GPS to hide and find containers.”

* If you get your hands on one of the Yuma County diamonds, we’ve love to hear about it!!

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  1. ErikaJEan

    Sounds awesome! I’m not going to be able to make it to the Yuma event but I’m hoping to go next year. Going to pass this along to others though!

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