Geomate Jr No More

That’s right – in what seems to be an unexpected announcement – the Geomate Jr has come to an end. A letter on the GPSr maker’s website reads:

Dear Geomate Jr community,

What can we say – this good thing has come to an end. We are no longer able to offer the Geomate Jr for sale or continue the Update Zone service. We do hope you’ve had as much fun geocaching as we’ve had working with everyone.

To help keep the adventures happening, however, we have made some software available here that will allow anyone with an Update Kit and a PC to load a Pocket Query from Geocaching.com to a Geomate Jr.


The Geomate Jr Team

It was just last month that I reviewed this fantastic kids’ unit and nothing at the time suggested that manufacturer Apishere or the Geomate Jr was in trouble.

In some respects, this is a real shame as the Geomate Jr (as my review showed) was a great entry-level GPSr and a wonderful way to let kids take the lead in a geocaching outing. With its demise, there is now a kid-friendly GPSr-shaped hole in the market. It will be interesting to see what originates in the coming months to fill this gap.

With the Geomate Jr’s demise it may be a good time to pick up a cheap Geomate through auction sites/online stores so it would be worth keeping an eye out.


This entry in the GC.com forums  by a former Geomate Jr staffer shows the suddenness of the brand’s demise and the pain that occurs when one company takes over another.

If any one else is reading this, please know that all these changes happened in a very short time and the staff of Geomate Jr tried everything in our power to prevent 2m/Airity from taking the Geomate Jr as we knew that they neither understood or cared about the geocaching community. We had worked so hard over the last few years on the Geomate Jr and, more importantly, we felt that the Geomate Jr still had more to give. To see it end like this is very hard for us to watch. We had been lucky to be embraced into the geocaching community and we have met some great people along the way. So thank-you to you all and again we are deeply sorry for the ending of the Geomate Jr.





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  1. GSV

    For those with a geomate jnr I see there’s a FB page set up by ex-employees

  2. TJAMM

    Figures, we just got my dad one. I can run pocket queries for him. That for this blog post!

  3. Robin

    I am so disappointed. Our school bought a half a dozen Geomates this year and we have an active geocaching club. The kids will be so disappointed. Many of them asked for and received Geomates for Christmas. I’ll have to figure out how to do a pocket query, but can I still create private caches on our campus?

    1. Darren

      I published a blog post last week with instructions on how to import PQs (and .gpx files) into the Geomate jr http://darrenosborne.com/2012/01/27/have-a-geomate-jr-dont-panic/

  4. Andy

    There may be hope… http://geomatejr.appspot.com/ Here you can update your GMJ. Not sure how long it will work so update while you can.

  5. Rhonda

    It appears that the Geomate Jr. has been given new life! It has been purchased by anther company in April and it looks promising “Brand 44 Purchases Geomate Jr.
    Brand 44 of Denver Colorado (brand44co.com) has recently purchased the Geomate Jr. geocaching GPS product line from Apisphere Inc. of Dallas Texas. “This acquisition rounds out our growing geocaching product line and will enable us to offer select retailers the most comprehensive selection of geocaching products available anywhere,” said Edward O’Brien, Brand 44’s president. ” and http://gpstracklog.com/2012/05/geomate-jr-to-be-revived-after-latest-acquisition.html

  6. eyefoto

    The update function is partially back as of yesterday. Just updated mine for the Western US with caches dated 5/24/2012. Looked like US Central, Austral/Asia, and Rest o’the World were other choices available. Not daily updates, but I could be happy with monthly vs. none. FYI

  7. Tom Walker

    These postings are outdated – the Geomate Jr. product line was purchased by Brand 44 over a year ago and we are actively selling the product and updating the Geocaching data.

    Tom Walker
    Brand 44/Geomate

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