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I am geocacher, hear me roar …

Okay, so maybe I’m taking the Year of the Dragon a little too literally and heard Carol King too often on the car radio lately (it’s stuck on some lame, classics station) – especially as my (slightly belated) 2012 geo-goals will be nowhere near as extensive as my previous 15 pledges.

But they’re also about as fire-breathingly dangerous as I’m likely to get.

  1. Beat Cumbyrocks just once, even if it’s only by one find: Officially, we’re meant to race to 900 – he currently being on 835 and me on 814 – but I SO want to nudge ahead now that I won’t mind if I don’t slay that dragon.
  2. Host an official geocaching event: I’ve played host at several informal outings over the last eight months so it’s time I finally took the plunge. I know where, I have a rough idea when; it’s just a matter of convincing the local city council to let me proceed.
  3. Get a trackable tattoo: Nobody tell my mother, though. For now, I have no idea as to a design but it could include my recently deceased geo-dog, Cola.
  4. Help make New Zealand’s first Mega event the best ever: Self-explanatory really. And as the party is at Cumbyrocks’ place, I won’t get stuck with the clean-up (Just kidding, Peter).
  5. Reach 1250 finds: I finished my first year with 388 finds and the second at 802 so 450 over the next 12 months seems do-able.
  6. Attempt a Level 5 Terrain cache: Notice, I put attempt.
  7. Write more posts for It’s Not About The Numbers: Continuing my goal from last year, though this time I won’t be racing my brother. Better still, I’d like to source a GPSr for us to give away (Magellan, Garmin if you’re reading …)
  8. To place (at least) one new hide a month: Especially something electronic or equally stunning. Perhaps even an Earthcache. Ideas more than welcome …
  9. Complete my hometown’s 30-puzzle cache Zealandia Power Trail: Starting with GC2YJ3A, even though it’s supposed to be a real gut-buster.
  10. Log at least one geocache available only by boat or kayak: There are at least three here in the Wellington region, all of which are calling me like a siren’s song.
  11. To build my own monkey puzzle: But I’m not saying any more for now; you’ll just have to wait and see …


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