First-Ever NZ MEGA Event Now Listed!

The Geocaching.com listing for the first-ever New Zealand MEGA event has been published!

Go there, check out the details and post your ‘Will Attend’ log for this historic event now …




  1. Leo

    How can they list an event as a Mega, will they downgrade it, if they dont hit the 500 attended number ?

    1. Cumbyrocks

      Hi Leo. We asked for people who plan on attending to register their interest, which is then used as the basis for getting Mega status, so we are very confident of getting more than 500 attending.

  2. René Lindberg Mikkelsen on Facebook

    “… and a large number (100 or so) from other counties are interested in attending this event.”. So glad they consider other countries as ‘counties’ (maybe because counties in NZ and AU are so freakin’ big? ;)).. yes, I know it’s probably just a typo 🙂

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