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Lara Croft looking a little more human than normal ...

Just in case you didn’t know: Geocaching.com has teamed up with  Crystal Dynamics – the company behind Tomb Raider – to create a series of unique location-based adventures that “embody the spirit” of the hit video game “and Lara Croft’s drive to discover new adventures and locations”.

No more details are given yet, except that game creator “Crystal Dynamics will be tapping into both the traditional GC.com treasure-hunting format” and the listing service’s latest photo-based adventure project, geocaching challenges.

From comments I’ve read on the various websites repeating this news, there is a mixed response to the initiative. Some love the excellent fit between the two entities, whilst others lament another commercial invasion of their game.

But instead of delving in the dark and dirty world that is the geocaching commercialism debate, I thought I might highlight some thoughts and questions others might not have yet considered with Ms Croft about to join our ranks …

Tomb Raider caches might have valuable swag in them: Why not? Lara is always finding jewels etc, so you’d expect nothing less from a Tomb Raider cache!

Pistols: Required equipment for Lara and now geocachers?

The race for FTF will be hot: And not just because we’ll all be wearing our short shorts and tight tank-tops out to ground zero. There’ll be a brilliant reason to get there first … beyond having the right to gloat to the one other person who was in the race.

Pistols will become a required caching tool: Lara Croft has one and, in my experience, seems to shoot a lot of monkeys with it. Which is exactly what we’ll need them for … except we’ll be shooting at the FTF caching monkeys and not the muggle monkeys. The big question here is – having just shot a fellow cacher in order to be FTF (and get all the loot), do you still log it?

Of course, this is assuming you get past the GIANT ATTACK ROBOTS:  … which are surely powered by the same hamsters that drive the GC.com servers. Those poor hamsters; when is someone going to give them a break!

If Lara is appearing in the geocaching world, will Signal be appearing in Tomb Raider? Wouldn’t that be great to see our froggy friend Signal pop up whilst playing Tomb Raider? Just don’t mistake him for one of those damn pesky monkeys …

Have you noticed how much Lara Croft and Jeremy Irish have in common? They’re both white. Strands of hair droop over both of their faces. They both love technology. They both have brilliant home bases (Lara has Croft Manor and J-Rish has Groundspeak HQ). They both facilitate the expenditure of huge sums of money in the pursuit of hidden treasure. They both look hot in their treasure-hunting outfits … though I can’t say I’ve ever actually seen J-Rish in his. (Maybe you could send us some photos, Jeremy?) 😉

How long will it take until a Tomb Raider cache listing is copied over to OpenCaching.com?  Jokes, guys. No seriously, it was a joke. I know you all carry guns.

Will there be a geocaching challenge that requires you to climb a vine, swim through a tunnel or scale an ancient building? Those ones might have to be worth a smiley before I’ll attempt them.

And lastly, will there be a geocaching event that Lara Croft will make an appearance at? And will it be Angelena Jolie or one of the numerous other Lara impersonators?

*Anyone else out there have any thoughts about the Geocaching/Tomb Raider, Groundspeak/Crystal Dynamics or Jeremy/Lara team up? Feel free to add them in the comments below.


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