Android Users Get Your CacheSense Demo Now!!!

I’m in the process of writing a full review for the geocaching app CacheSense for Android, however I’m so excited about its long-awaited release that I couldn’t help but announce it! So,


Get your free 30 day trial now!

There is a FREE 30-day demo so you can get out and give it a try. I used the CacheSense app on my beloved BlackBerry up till the point the phone died. The only reason I felt comfortable shifting to an Android model was because this software was in development.

Fortunately for me, I’ve been part of CacheSense’s beta-testing group and, IMHO, this is the best Android geocaching app available … and it’s still only in beta!

The software is probably so great because of the extreme responsiveness of the developer (legend has it he’s also better looking than Brad Pit, but no-one has ever seen him …) and the friendliness of the CacheSense forums (in which I’ve never seen anyone get upset; it’s like a little geocaching utopia). You can also check out the CacheSense for Android website.

The Android Market details:

CacheSense RC 1.0, fully functional 30-day demo version.

CacheSense is a power-user app from the developer of the most respected geocaching application on the BlackBerry – the first application licensed to use the Geocaching Live API.

Full Pocket Query support, including automated background synchronisation.

Work with multiple databases.

Import and export GPX files.

Powerful field note features give you full control of workflow and publishing.

Extensive Trackable management includes personal inventory, auto-visiting, trackable logs and travels (with map view).

Add custom waypoints to caches and navigate to them – ideal for multis and puzzles.

Navigation tools include Google Maps or Open Street Maps, Compass, Radar and live Nearest Caches list. Includes support for external navigation apps including Google Navigation and GPS Status.

Social networking integration includes automated tweets with templates and real-time or consolidated Facebook updates. Upload photos to Facebook albums.

CacheSense is under constant development and many more features are coming in 2012 including tablet optimisations, enhanced UI and workflows, and custom filtering and sorting.

RC 1.0 is beta software and may contain bugs or incomplete features. We expect to release frequent updates prior to the final release. A paid version of CacheSense will be released with an introductory discount within 30 days.

CacheSense works best with Premium Geocaching.com membership, Basic members are subject to Geocaching Live API limits including only three “full detail” cache downloads per day and restrictions on searching.

Okay, enough reading about it, go and download it already!!!!!



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  1. CraigRat

    I’ve been looking at it too, and I love it.

  2. Lone R

    Had a Blackberry for years. Got a iPhone4 for xmas. I love the graphics of my gc app but I’m really missing the features of CacheSense. Especially the CS field notes and photo storage, plus the email functions.

  3. MaoMaoChong

    Awesome, thanks for the tip! I only got my phone a couple of weeks ago, so I didn’t have a qr code reader installed, so that got me going on that too. I’ll be excited to try this out! Can you download everything on the fly? or do you have to prep anything? Can it download pocket queries? I’m brand new to this and have only tried out NeonGeo so far.

  4. BaldEd

    Gets the thumbs down from me because you have to agree to allow Zita Farms and geocaching dot com access to details on your phone for THEIR purposes!! No mention of any limitations on what they may access!!

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