Wolves Now Using GPS

Photo of OR-7 taken in the wild by auto-cam

Bet that headline stopped you in your tracks – but it’s true according to this fantastic LA Times about GPS being used to track a wild grey wolf.

The grey wolf that crossed into Northern California from Oregon just after Christmas looks to be sticking around for a bit. The lone male wolf has traveled more than 800 miles from a pack in north-eastern Oregon and is the first known wild wolf in California since the last one was killed by trapper in 1924.

Wednesday’s telemetry from a GPS collar put on the wolf last February still shows the 2½-year-old roaming Siskyou County, near the Oregon border.

“He is still in the state,” says Jordan Traverso, spokesperson for the California Department of Fish and Game. “We get updates sometimes a couple times a day, depending on atmospheric conditions.”

Because the wolf originated from Oregon and was collared there, he is known as OR-7. He is tracked by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and that information is relayed to California authorities.

Perhaps this could be a new innovation in geocaching – stick a container on that animal and see just how many people can sign the logbook! 🙂

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