Another Site To Treasure: GeoDetecting.com

Bill Kawa has plenty of mettle.

When he couldn’t use his beloved metal detector while geocaching, the American created his own version of the game. Six months ago, he launched Geo Detecting to let others enjoy “both great hobbies as one entity”.

The Mebane, North Carolina resident describes Geo Detecting as being about “70 per cent metal detecting and 30 per cent geocaching”. “With Geo Detecting being more geared toward metal detecting and buried treasures, you have extra opportunities to hunt for additional treasures. With geocaching,  you don’t dig and once you find the cache that’s it, you’re done.”

To participate, would-be geo detectors need a metal detector, “a small shovel and maybe a backpack if it’s a long walk” as well as details of the treasure cache being sought. Until Kawa has created a smartphone application to direct players to the exact spot, a GPS is also required.

Treasures typically denote “old bottles, silver, gold, copper, silver rings and gold fings” – buried according to size (Small – under a dime-size coin; Medium – a quarter-size coin; or Large – small chest or dollar-size coin), terrain level and depth – but always within 20 feet of the original GPS co-ordinates.

Much like geocaching, players must gain permission to place a treasure cache, leave an area in better condition than they found it (though for geo detectors that means filling in the hole they have just dug as well as practising CITO), and follow the trading up rule.

“If you find a treasure cache, either replace it with something of similar worth or re-hide the current one within a 20-diameter area from the original,” Kawa explains.

Players then log their finds on the Geo Detecting website, though items of historical value accidentally uncovered while searching must be reported to any historical society or the property’s owner. Thankfully, such information is covered extensively in both video tutorials on Geo Detecting as well as in its forums.

For now, the site offers “about 12” hides across the United States, though Kawa expects this number could soon change “drastically”. “We are currently looking for volunteers who will receive one free Geo Detecting coin and one to hide. We are also gaining momentum and more volunteers are coming in.”

Kawa, who runs web design and online marketing firm AquaNet Solutions, says to-date his registered members number “about 100 off-hand but it changes so fast ever day”. That’s partly due to a new marketing campaign using social media only – including the creation of a Facebook page, a feature in It’s Not About The Numbers and several radio spots.

He believes Geo Detecting will appeal to “young and old, experienced and non-experienced, all-gender treasure hunters”. It also helps that his website is free to use, though Kawa is busy working on an  Android app which “will have some fee to it”.

“The current website will most likely be the support site to the main site which will be for app users – much like Geocaching.com is to Groundspeak.”

He describes the app as being “very similar” to the versions offered by GC.com and Garmin’s OpenCaching service, adding “expect additional features like a private log, eBooks, REAL treasure hunts and more to come”.

*Have you tried your hand at Geo Detecting? If so, tell us about it in the comments below.


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  1. Luke

    Not a fan of this idea, those uninformed as to what geocaching is could easily mistake this new idea for the former and confuse them, potentially giving our beloved game bad rep, and with all the geocache bomb scares these days, we certainly don’t need any more bad rep.

  2. D. Lindell

    I don’t think this is a good idea. After digging up an area how can you leave it as good as or better than you found it? Maybe on North Carolina beaches but please don’t come and dig up Minnesota and my neck of the woods.

  3. jellis

    Hmmm where are you going to find permission to dig holes in the ground? It’s bad enough with wild boar doing it because it’s natural. But to dig up parks to hide treasure, boy that is not going to go over well with land management. If they do this I hope they put Geo-detect’s name on it so Geocaching doesn’t get any blame.

  4. Bill Kawa

    Luke, I’m sorry you feel this way but I don’t think you need to worry about GeoCaching getting a bad rap you have almost 1.7 Million Caches, wheres they worry?


    D. Lindell, I have never heard of anyone leaving it worst then it was before. I for one follow very strict Code of Conduct for Metal Detecting which are stated here: http://geodetecting.com/forum/#topic/Rules-on-Geo-Detecting-.htm
    Just like Geo Caching, you will have those moments where someone doesn’t follow the rules and will leave a mess.

    What I have found from everyone I talk to that loves both sports, they are willing to follow these rules.

    They have to sign and agree to GeoDetecting rules, and get additional permission on there own to hunt. So we are NOT liable for want happens.

    I’m sure there are Metal Detecting Hobbyist who are already hunting in your area, and I see you don’t even know it, so that shows how much they respect the sport.

    Also, most Geo Detecting Treasure are only 1 to 4 inches, deep, uncovering is so small most the time you cant even see this sport after digging and burying.


    Jellis, getting permission is easier then you might expect, just call the parks recreation people if you can have permission and log it, send us either if Verbal or Written (usually email) so we can add it to our data base. I like to use my Android or my friends iPhone “Places” and map out the parks as we go, then I can call on the fly and get the permission. If anything you can also use Geo Detecting to hunt Approved Parks which is also nice to have around.



    I think you’re all to worried and don’t understand Metal Detecting, its really fun! I love both sports and I play them at the same time. I will go to a Geo Cache to find, once done and its a Approve Geo Detecting area or I call to get it approved, I will hide the Treasure and also continue to hunt the area. Instead of me wasting allot of gas running to the next Geo Cache, I can stay put and hunt & hide Additional Treasure right next to me.

    When you find REAL Treasures like I have, $400 Gold Bracelet, Silver Ring, Old Coins etc. you just cant get over it, thats REAL Treasure Hunting!

    We will also have what is called “Prized Treasures”, this is where Administrators will hide REAL Precious Metals or Jewelry for you to find. Pretty cool and you will actually come away with some of REAL value, not a ball or a kids toy. 🙂

    We also have other features coming soon like Choosing to Join a Club, make a Club, Rating Clubs, Private Hunting Logging, Ebooks, Find a Buddy, and more. The Club hunts are also nice for private land, most of the time you will have to be in the company of this Administrator for the Club to hunt, not for public. But what is great about this, you will have more chances to find REAL Treasures because only a few have hunted this area. I have over 2,000 beautiful acres approved areas to hunt, walk, and do what ever I want at any time. Its pretty sweet!

    Don’t knock it until you try it, I think you will find both games are great to have around.

    Also, we are looking for Volunteers, hide a Standard Treasure and receive a Free Geo Detecting Coin/Medallion/Bullion????

    Best to you and all your Treasure Hunting.


  5. Bill Kawa

    I would also like to note about getting permission. GeoDetecting is more Park Oriented or Private Land, but the few times I cant hunt a park it usually goes the same for Geo Caching, like the parks in North Carolina, all State Parks don’t allow both sports.


  6. Cynthia Webb

    I love to all aspects of Treasure Hunting! I love to Geo Cache, Metal Detect, and just walk in areas that I might find old bottles etc. Having both games is really great! I also love the fact that I can MD the area’s where there is a GeoCache and I have found so many old bottles this way. Its really fun and thank you so much for all the hard work for both games, treasure hunters all over should appreciate what it takes to put this together so we can have fun and enjoy them both!

  7. Don

    sounds like fun , I’ve been metal detecting for over 12 years and geocaching for almost 3 years and there is times I do do both that I’ll see a geocache is in a area I plan to metal detect . So yes I like the idea and would participate

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