Alleged Killers Also Geocache Vandals

Not the victim, composite only

From the American state of Utah comes a disturbing news report about the arrest of a couple for some heinous crimes.

US marshals have arrested a Utah couple in connection with a two-state crime including a double homicide in Mt Pleasant and a carjacking in West Wendover.

About 1.45 pm, law enforcers responded to a report of a man and a woman seen walking in the desert near Big Springs Ranch in Nevada, between Wells and Wendover. Marshals found the couple, detained them, and confirmed they are Logan Welles McFarland, 24, and Angela Marie Hill, 25.

An arrest warrant for second-degree felony burglary was issued on Sunday for McFarland. The affidavit says McFarland and Hill robbed a home in Mt Pleasant before carjacking a woman in West Wendover and shooting her in the head as she tried to get away from them.

The arrest warrant itself does not directly connect McFarland or Hill to the shooting deaths of Ann and Woody Fullwood. However, in other papers filed in the 6th District Court, investigators say: “The state of Utah considers Logan Welles McFarland a person of interest in the deaths of the two … Mt Pleasant residents.”

So these two are not particularly nice people, who have allegedly done some horrid things.

But McFarland also reportedly believed the world was going to end in 2012, the chief said.

“He kind of bought into the whole ‘the world was going to end in 2012’ thing and didn’t really care what was going to happen after that day … He thought things weren’t going to exist after the new year.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if the couple also believed the giant skeletons were real.

Both McFarland and Hill have a history of drug use and could be going through withdrawls now, making them even more dangerous, Wilberg said.

Anyone surprised by this?

According to the arrest warrant for McFarland, in which Hill is referred to as Atwood, the couple borrowed a 1997 Plymouth Breeze from an acquaintance on December 29 so he could “go to Mt Pleasant to a ‘friend’s house,'” the arrest warrant states.

The couple returned the car at midnight on December 30. McFarland “bragged to him about acquiring firearms and money,” according to the affidavit.

Still waiting for the gecaching link?

But when the acquaintance got out of bed about 6am, the car was gone again. McFarland later called to say the car could be found abandoned in Santaquin just off I-15. When the man retrieved the car, he found what appeared to be a jewellery box in the trunk, according to court documents. He also found an electric grill, a keyboard, a black plastic box and a metal container with “Geo Cache” written on it.

So they took their acquaintance’s car, gathered firearms and money, robbed someone’s house … and muggled a geocache? Hopefully, these aren’t geocachers who have gone bad.


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