A Very Pathtag Christmas

You’re likely starting to think about taking down those Christmas cards and decorations, however, I’m just about to hang mine.

On Saturday, I received the last of my three Christmas cards and pathtags for participating in the first-ever Christmas/New Year swap run by Australian website the Pathtag Portal.

This international trade was initiated in October by Australian geocacher Cerena Marion back when the portal was part of her Tigersden’s Geocaching Goodies webstore.

Thirty-four geocachers – 22 Australians, one Canadian, nine Americans, one Dutch and one Kiwi (aka me) – each mailed a pathtag and card to every person they were paired with, and received the same in return from other swappers.

It was first trade organised by Marion (GC handle: TigersDen), who says she will organise other swaps during 2012 on the success of this venture.

“Everyone had a choice of nominating how many swaps they wanted to do and with which countries. We received a lot of thank-yous for organising it this way, as other swaps don’t let you do that and it can work out quite expensive for some so they don’t take part.

“We have also had a lot of people asking if we will hold the swap again – and yes we will.  We are already planning another one halfway through the year called ‘Halfway There’. More details to come on that …

“All of the Pathtag Portals’ committee members took part in the swap and the feedback from them was fantastic.  They will certainly be trading again.  Many of the participants also indicated this was their first involvement in a swap and that they had found it easy to do.”

Unfortunately, I got only two pathtags (one seemed to have done a Houdini escape act) and three Christmas cards from my trading partners in Australia, Texas and Nova Scotia – but Marion can definitely count me in for her next swap.


  1. Geocaching with Tru2Cntry

    I like your blog, I would like to be able to click on the like button, but I didn’t see it. Keep up with all the cool posts! Happy Geocaching Tru2Cntry

    1. Cumbyrocks

      Your wish is our command Tru2Cntry! Facebook like, Google 1+ and tweet buttons are now at the bottom of each post. 🙂

  2. tigersden

    Thanks for the great blog…fantastic.
    We have just announced that the next swap will take place half way through the year called “Half Way There” Swap.
    Details can be found on the Pathtag Portals website.

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