Did You Go Geocaching On Christmas Day?

Last Christmas, It’s Not About The Numbers wanted to know if geocachers were naughty or nice on December 25th. That holiday poll produced some surprising – or possibly not so surprising – results, so we’re now eager to see if the same situation applies this year …



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  1. ErikaJean

    I’ll have to answer this one tomorrow, on Christmas here in the US 😉 I hope to though!

  2. Laura Diamond Bollinger on Facebook

    I’m planning to … just had 31 new ones published close by today! 🙂

  3. Toria

    I answered yes, but to be accurate my answer should have been: not yet, but I will be going out caching in about half an hour. It’s mid afternoon, it’s a lovely warm day, who wouldn’t go out caching?

  4. TeamElliottFamily

    You betcha.. I had to complete a personal challenge I set during advent… One geocache for eveery day. I missed two days in the middle =( but still managed a new best run of 16 days…

  5. Michael D. Belanger on Facebook

    Would like to, but having some (minor) physical problems that’s preventing me from doing that.

  6. Peter Raymond Walker on Facebook

    That sucks Michael. Hope you get better soon!

  7. Raymond Lum on Facebook

    no I didnt go I would had to a long way

  8. Donna Hale on Facebook

    Why yes I did. Had to get batteries of all things. Then I figured why not grab that cache nearby. 🙂

  9. Kylie Walker on Facebook

    Yes and one of them was a FTF.

  10. 'tigersden' Cerena Andrew on Facebook

    Yes, we found 9 caches and those were in 3 states of AUS…lol

  11. Jim

    Well, yes I did, but only because the wife surprised me with a new Magellan under the tree. Christmas day 2010 was the first I’d found a cache, and I did actually notice I’d never found one on that day before due to the statistics feature on Geocaching.com, which came out sometime in 2010.

  12. Laura Diamond Bollinger on Facebook

    Yes I did! I even set a new daily record … found 35 caches! :0)

  13. Krista Linn Bulger on Facebook

    Yep! So awesome that geocaching is always open for business…even holidays!!!

  14. René Lindberg Mikkelsen on Facebook

    doing the one-cache-a-day thing + competing against/with a fellow cacher, so yes (current streak is in the thirties).

  15. Kelly Rysten on Facebook

    Yes, we had a great day geocaching in Hollywood. We found our 700th cache at Batman’s BatCave which was the set from the old Batman TV show. It was only in the show for a few seconds but they drove the batmobile out of the batcave and that is the cave the cache was at. Very cool. We found four more but the streets around there are crazy. Very fun day though. We had Christmas with the kids on Christmas Eve. Pics of both are in my Geocaching and Grandkid Pictures albums. Happy New Year!

  16. Philip Williams on Facebook

    no boxing day and found 2 in tha same GZ lol

  17. Alan Arthur

    Well done to everyone who made it out caching on Christmas Day! More dedicated than us – we didn’t leave the house all day.

  18. DannoBikes

    Of course I had to, I got my first GPSr for Christmas from my brother in law, went out and found 4 caches with my wife and son and another solo later that night.

  19. Robin Worcester on Facebook

    Yes I did! Just found “The 366 day Challenge” so I’m trying to fill in as many days as possible. I have a LONG way to go because I did not start until March 2 of this year and I have lot of days to fill in. If I miss just one, then I’ll have to wait until 2013 to finish.

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