The Jeremy Irish TEDx Talk

kjwx spotted this at Only Googlebot Reads This Blog and I saw it at GPSTracklog – the Jeremy Irish TEDx talk (check it out below).

I’ve not met the head of Groundspeak, nor really seen any video of him talking, so I was fascinated to watch this, as well as wanting to hear what he had to say. I’ll admit I was quite impressed, not just with the presentation but with Jeremy himself. He seems like a down-to-earth and¬†genuinely¬†nice guy.

His speech was a great summary of the history of geocaching, Jeremy’s experience and introduction to the sport, as well as a little about what it means.

The best line of the whole talk is Jeremy making the soon-to-be infamous quote: “I make poor technology decisions.”

I really liked his explanation near the end of the presentation of the “eureka moment” – a great factor of geocaching and something to remember as you go through life.

The whole thing is well worth a look – enjoy!


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