OpenCaching.com Responds …

Here’s what Garmin’s listing service thought of Nick Brown’s post:

“We just read your (sTeamTraen’s) article about OpenCaching.com’s one-year anniversary. While we obviously disagree with some of the points and conclusions, we’re always glad when geocachers, like sTeamTraen, look at what we are doing and give us a fair chance.

“It would be nice if you could use a more current screenshot of the website. We are proud of the improvements we have made this year, and that screenshot is about four months old.

“We would love the opportunity to present our side of the story to your readers.”

TrailTech, moderator

Fair’s fair, so It’s Not About The Numbers has updated the OX screenshot on Nick Brown’s opinion piece. And we’ve organised interviews with key members of the OpenCaching.com team – but first we need your help.

What do you want to know about Garmin’s listing site? Are you dying to learn why its mascot Opie is blue? Whether you’ll ever be able to place a photo on a cache listing? Or something entirely different?

This is your chance to ask the geo-powers that be anything you like.

Email your questions to kjwx@notaboutthenumbers.com by noon on Friday, December 9th. Don’t forget to tell us your name or geocaching handle and which country or state you hail from.


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  1. CD

    Opie is blue because Signal is green. 🙂 I personally couldn’t care less about mascots. It’s pretty clear at this point that Geocaching.com is synonymous with the geocaching game as a whole. For Opencaching.com to gain any kind of traction and attain a major following is a monumental task. I placed an OpenCache in the heart of the northern NJ caching country over a year ago. It has been searched for and found twice in that time. Geocaching.com caches in the same immediate area have logged dozens upon dozens. That sums it up. They do have a nice look and some nice features on Opencaching. It will be interesting to see how this plays out over time and if Garmin can do something further to create a groundswell of interest, users and activity. Right now it is not there.

  2. Uncle Ruckus

    That little site is nuthing to worry about, and this site is even smaller. If someone had not posted a link to this site I would never foun it. If that feller is all supportive of Groundspeak, whe he not post his rant on their Latitude 47 site? Cause they would never allow it, thats why. So he have to come here to a lesser known site than OpenCaching.com to rant about it. He want me to belive that OpenCaching.com only purpose is to disrupt geocaching and undermine Groundspeak. Thats silly. How many members is they on OpnCaching.com? A real conspiracy thery he got there. Least he turned the light on so we can see what kind of blog site you got here. It a real piece of work, if you like drama.

  3. Lone R

    Why did they choose the word “awesome” when rating a cache and to describe opencaching.com? It turns me right off. It feels like opencaching.com’s target market is teens/pre-teens.

    1. Cumbyrocks

      Maybe they thought ‘radical’ would attract too many stoner surfers?

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