A Big Party Weekend At Groundspeak

It seems our friends at Groundspeak have a few things to celebrate this weekend. Facebook tells us that Jon Stanley (aka Moun10Bike, the man who invented geocoins) celebrated his birthday on November 19th. We’re also informed that Geocaching.com co-founder Jeremy Irish celebrates his birthday just a few days later on the 21st.

But if that wasn’t reason enough to party, then there is the “GC10YRA" target="_blank">10 Years Since They Met” geocaching event being hosted by Bryan and Hydee Roth. This gathering celebrates the first time Bryan and Hydee met, at the GC26D6">Washington Geocaching Potluck & Quilting Bee event. Latitude 47 has a great article about this ‘geo-love’ story.

As geocachers are generally in the slightly older population bracket, we don’t often hear stories of ‘geo-love’ and it will be interesting to see how this side of things develops as the game grows in the coming years.

With regards to the aforementioned birthdays, our sources (okay, Facebook) didn’t reveal how old Jon and Jeremy were turning this weekend. But looking at their fresh faces online, we’re sure they can’t be any older than 29 … 😉

Congrats to all the Groundspeak crew celebrating special events this weekend – It’s Not About The Numbers hopes you have/had a great day!

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