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What’s the next best thing to geocaching on a bright Sunday morning? As it turns out – talking about geocaching!

Dunedin organisation MoveMe, in association with the Edgar Centre, held a ‘Have-A-Go‘ day this morning to promote opportunities for being more physically active. The New Zealand Recreational GPS Society got on board and set up a geocaching display at the event.

Along with numerous posters explaining all aspects of geocaching, examples of GPS units and various containers, plus a Google Earth tour of some Dunedin caches, we also had temporary caches set up outside the venue. A team of local – and some not so local – cachers took turns taking eager folk outside to try their hand at using ‘multimillion-dollar satellites to find Tupperware’.

Local cachers introducing muggles to geocaching

Introducing geocaching to muggles is almost as much fun as actually going geocaching. Everyone we spoke with was genuinely interested and some were instant converts. It was brilliant to put a GPS unit in the hands of a child and watch them race off in search of  ‘hidden treasure’.

Which brings up an interesting thought: Much of our sport is hidden away from the general public. We hide our geocaches so they won’t be found and we have attributes that inform us we need to use stealth in finding a cache. When ‘muggled’ at a cache, many will come up with a unique story so they don’t give the game away.

But perhaps we should be giving the game away. Muggles are genuinely interested in the sport, even if they don’t want to take part. Perhaps our geocaches would be less likely to be muggled if more muggles knew what they were. Maybe we should be more open about what we are doing and thereby lessen the likelihood of being confused with a member of the criminal fraternity.

Or maybe the fact that this is a game somewhat hidden from the majority of society is what adds to the excitement for us. It makes up part of that innocent but ‘deviant’ side of geocaching. The side that, I suspect, the majority of us have never embraced and this gives us the chance to ‘take a walk on the wild side’. Albeit a very tame and, generally, law-abiding wild side.

However we approach the ‘hidden’ side of the game, I can highly recommend spending some time telling others about it. As I said, it’s almost as much fun as geocaching itself.

* The NZ Recreational GPS Society is organising the country’s first-ever MEGA event for October 2012 in Dunedin, New Zealand. If you are interested in attending, be sure to get your registration of interest in now!


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