For Whom The Bell Tolls …

The death march has begun for my favourite geocaching tool – the Blackberry Bold 9000. This magical little mobile that was my reason for discovering geocaching has been diagnosed with a range of illnesses and the prognosis is not good. Its complaints include arthritis of the track-ball, hearing loss, and senility when checking the mail.

Despite these issues, it has continued to act as a highly superior geocaching unit … but, as with us humans, it cannot live on geocaching alone.

With little choice left, the decision has been made to retire the Blackberry from active service. This move probably should have been made some months ago, however love is blind in the face of such decisions.

It’s Not About The Numbers readers know well of my love for the Blackberry and my unwavering belief in its geo-powers. I’ve found it to be as good as, and in many cases better than, top-of-the-line GPS units. It has certainly served me well over the 800-ish finds I’ve had it for.

Samsung Galaxy S II

But its replacement has already been ordered and I’ll soon be the owner of a shiny, new Samsung Galaxy S II. I’m waiting with some interest to see how well my new phone will operate for geocaching and can’t wait to start reviewing the various Android geocaching apps available.

It is probable that I wouldn’t have made this move were it not for the safety my new Oregon 450 has brought. I know that if the Galaxy turns out to be a geocaching disaster that I have a machine I enjoy to continue with.

But what will become of the Blackberry, I hear you ask? Will it be thrown into a rest home for unwanted phones (the second drawer down in the kitchen) or will it go the big mobile phone rest home in the sky?

The hope, at this stage, is neither. With any luck I’ll be turning the Blackberry into a dedicated geocaching unit. Placed in its Otterbox with the phone functions turned off to preserve power, it should be an excellent dedicated GPS unit and a nice backup to the Oregon 450 when I’m in the wilderness.

* Make sure you stay tuned for more!

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