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You’d better watch out, you’d better not cry, you’d better not pout … otherwise there’s no chance of Secret Geo Santa paying you a visit this year.

This jolly geocacher in red is offering other players the chance to stash a Christmas present in their home town for someone special to find.

Gift givers then fill in a form that Geo Santa will email to the lucky recipient, advising them where to locate their item without revealing who sent it. As the actual deliveries are made by the participants, the scheme is available internationally.

Unfortunately, in a world that can often seem to have more naughty than nice inhabitants, the idea was met with initial skepticism on the forums, forcing Geo Santa to offer some information about themselves.

“I see you may have a few reservations, that’s okay. A little about me … I have well over 1000 finds and just over 100 hides. I have held many events as well.”

When not busy at their toy workshop, this benevolent player is based in the chilly climes of Victoria, Australia – a place they refer to as being colder than the North Pole.

He or she recently “had a brilliant idea for how I could make some people smile this Christmas, so I have just spent a few weeks hiding gifts for our local cachers here in Victoria without anyone knowing”.

“I then sent them all an email with their own unique set of co-ordinates that took them to a place where they had to search for their gift. I have been reading some of their stories and their thank-you letters and they are amazing, making me smile. So I thought I would offer this service to other cachers.

“I am not doing this so I can get your co-ordinates and rush off to get the gift. If you still have reservations on what I am offering, that is okay, you are only human.”

After some investigation, It’s Not About The Numbers has strong suspicions as to the true identity of Geo Santa but has promised not to tell; after all that wouldn’t be very nice.

However, for those wondering, it is apparently not Victorian cacher Cerena Marion (GC handle: TigersDen). Earlier this week the owner of TigersDen Geocaching Goodies and co-founder of the Pathtag Portal announced on Facebook: “Next person to say I am the SECRET GEO SANTA is gonna get a smack up the back of the head. I AM NOT THE SECRET GEO SANTA … FFS … I AM NOT THAT NICE … Now give it a rest … PLEASE.”

Later, Marion added: “But we are taking Santa up on his offer … Just having trouble deciding what to give to our closest friends – and trying to keep the list small.”

So far, the real McCoy has received more than 10 parcels to deliver. And there might be a few more in New Zealand if kjwx decides to be a little naughty.

*You can follow Secret Geo Santa’s movements on Facebook. To organise your own Secret Geo Santa delivery, fill in this form.


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  1. Darren says:

    November 12, 2011 at 2:19 am

    An IP address never lies. Neither does the Facebook URL link at the bottom of the article 😉

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