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American Jim C is again shaping how the world plays Munzee.

First the Thanks 4 The Hide blogger created a weather-safe, UV-resistant, plastic tag for the popular smartphone app; now he’s offering custom options in the shape of each US state and every other country on the planet.

In the case of New Zealand – or other multiple-island nations – this means a rectangle tag featuring that country’s outline (though kjwx has ordered a few tags just in the shape of the North Island).

The owner of Traditions Engraving (Munzee handle: T4TH) adds that if players would like their native language on the tags, he’s happy to oblige – as long as customers supply their own text.

And in possibly the best news of all, he has cut the cost of his regular-sized rectangle Munzee tags to US$2 each (NZ$2.50) and will be selling his geographic versions at the same price.

However, Jim is slightly nervous about the public’s reaction to his new wares. “I’m not sure if others will like this option, but so far, I have deployed several Munzees in the shape of my state and those who have found them have positively commented on them.”

All this effort is for a Munzee challenge he’s creating for players in his home state, placing one Ohio-shaped tag in each of its 88 counties. “It will be a huge task as I only have eight deployed so far. This will take a lot of time (and gasoline) to drive around this state, but once all 88 tags are deployed, I am going to provide those who complete my Ohio Challenge with a custom engraved award for capturing them all.”

Nor will this be the last we hear of Jim, who says he has “a couple of other ideas for Munzee tags” but has not yet had time to test or research them further.

For his personal enjoyment, he recently deployed a train-shaped tag near a geocache (GCJRR8) at the abandoned Moonville Tunnel so that players can get “the best of both worlds – Munzee and geocaching”.

*To buy your own US or international Munzee tags, visit Thanks 4 The Hide.


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