Leaving A Mark On The Geocaching World

Have you left your mark on the geocaching world? For Dunedin-based geocacher Stegan, the concept has taken on new meaning with the release of his own signature items.

These laminated fridge magnets display various interesting and humourous quotes. Whilst out on a cache hunt recently, I stumbled across his ‘Always take a GPS – it’s awkward eating your friends!’ magnet in one of my finds.

Stegan tells me that he has more than one range on the go. “I have three series: A Tui billboard take-off (eg. I LOVE micros – yeah right!), geocaching slogans (eg. Geocaching: Hide and seek with latitude!) and quotes from historical figures who I’m sure would be geocachers if around today (eg. Jesus – ‘Seek and you will find’).”

His hope is that this unique swag might become a sort-after item. As it stands, cards Nos 1, 2 and 4 are already in the It’s Not About The Numbers collection, and we can’t wait to track down the rest. But apparently we have a way to go …

“So far, I’ve got 16 different cards in the Yeah Right! series (not in circulation yet) and 5 each for the other two series, with plans to add more,” Stegan says.

Getting the motivation was easy after he looked at other personalised swag items on the web.

“This got me thinking as to how I could make my own. I wanted to create the whole thing rather than give someone else a profit for an overpriced creation that was personalised but not really my own.”

Personalised, collectible signature items are not an new development in geocaching, however it does make me wonder whether they could be the way of the future for swag. At the moment, caches either have little to no swag or items that are cheap and nasty. Quality swag is quite quickly replaced by rubbish, if it is replaced at all. But wouldn’t a world where we all carried our own personalised swag to drop in caches make for a much more interesting trading experience and possibly reinvigorate that side of the game?

Stegan’s not so sure. “I don’t know if they are ‘the way of the future’ in geocache trading but I have found them to be a good way to quickly and cheaply produce what I feel is a quality and easily carried little item. I try to leave one in most caches I visit. They’re also a good way of bolstering the contents of an empty cache or cache with decayed trades. It’s good karma leaving a maybe $1-$2 in value trade without taking anything.”

It also turns out that some of this sort-after Stegan swag actually contains a clue to a puzzle cache he’s planning to release, so there is extra motivation to grab them. With 500+ cachers due in town next October for the first ever New Zealand MEGA event, local players might want to get in quick!

Those interested in coming to the MEGA can check out the event’s website and register your interest in attending. You can also watch the video below of my cache hunt, where I find one of Stegan’s signature items, to get a taste of one of Dunedin’s many excellent hides.


*For more information, see A Bit of a Hollow Victory by katie w on Geocaching.com or visit the NZ MEGA website to register your interest. If you make your own signature items or have encountered something special out on the trail, we’d love to hear about it below.

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  1. Lois

    Being a 78-year-old cacher, I’d love to have a t-shirt with the “Old cachers …… get archived” logo. Any chance?

  1. “Old geocachers don’t die . . .” | Seek It. Find It. Log it.

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