For Sale: Multi-Millionaire Geocacher’s Home

News that Texan multi-millionaire Richard Garriott is selling his US$4.1 million Britannia Manor – the site of his popular GC2B034 Necropolis of Britannia Manor III puzzle cache – has sent a shiver up many a geocacher’s spine.

However, It’s Not About The Numbers can alleviate those fears. Apparently, the wealthy game developer, space explorer and extreme geocacher has decided to vacate the three-bedroom, five-bathroom property in favour of a bigger, better new abode he’s building nearby.

Geocachers who complete his award-winning hide drive past the mansion – named after the castle of his Ultima and GC.com alter-ego LordBritish in his hit role-playing game series – on the way to the final. The terrifying geocache that concludes Garriott’s Guardians Quest features realistic movie props and has earned its owner 175 favourite points.

According to the Re/Max listing, Britannia Manor II is situated on a 3.99 acre (1.61 hectare) hilltop overlooking downtown Austin and a 3000ac (1214h) preserve. The interactive haunted house is best known for its observatory – with large, 360-degree telescope –  secret passages and  jaw-dropping Halloween functions.

Garriott’s castle was built in 1987 to the medieval designs of architect Alan Barley, and has been decorated with medieval weaponry and other souvenirs of its owner’s life – including a brick from the Great Wall of China and a Russian spacesuit from his trip to place the International Space Station cache (GC1BE91).

Additional highlights include an solar-powered, off-the-grid “energy realm”; a working cannon at the front door; pool; five-car garage; guest quarters; waterfall; and indoor grotto with hot-and-cold-running rain showers, beside a 20-foot outdoor pool.  And the new owners will get to have Garriott as a neighbour.

Sounds like a bargain for the price, which translates to NZ$5.16m – as long as you’ve got enough left over in the bank for the annual property taxes of nearly US$60,000.

It is presumed Garriott – who was recently awarded US$28m in a court settlement with former employer NCSoft – will spend the sale proceeds on his new living quarters, though one blogger has speculated that perhaps he needs to fund more geo-adventures. We can only hope.

* Check back soon for It’s Not About The Numbers interview with Richard Garriott (or Garriott de Cayeux, as he’s now known).

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