Nano Bites – October 28, 2011

We don’t have enough time to post on all the things that happen in the geocaching world each week so we’ve decided to produce Nano Bites, a summary of all the best geocaching news online.


GPS shoes for Alzheimer’s patients will hit American stores this month. Originally, the US$300 footwear was designed for wandering children and long-distance runners but kjwx can think of a few geocachers who might find them just as handy.

There’s no Phil Keoghan narrating their every move but a group of American fourth-graders are still having with their own GPS Amazing Race. It’s Not About The Numbers cannot confirm whether the fourth-grade teachers at Heritage Elementary School in Stockbridge, Georgia greet the last pupils home with the phrase “I’m sorry but as the last contestants to check in, you have been eliminated” or if all sections of the race are ‘non-elimination legs’.
Ditch your GPS and lose yourself in a new 10-acre corn maze in Tompkins County, New York.

Meet a knitting geocacher or a geocaching knitter fromBay City, Michigan.

Modeled after a treasure hunt with a geocaching vibe, Foodcaching is a mobile app for Android and iPhone smartphones designed to connect consumers with deal-driven, specific dining options.


At Geocaching Journal it’s time to plan your 2012 free park visits. fdsfs

Scott at GPSFix gives a link and suggest you stay away from the Montana 5.1 firmware release if you geocache.

Latitude 47 gives 7 tips on attending a MEGA event, which is handy timing given you can now register your interest for the first ever NZ MEGA to be held in Cumbyrocks hometown, Dunedin, in October 2012. They also announce the October Geocacher of the Month.

Rich at GPSTrackLog has another excellent and extensive review. This time it’s the new etrex 20, which he concludes is a very good entry level unit. Move over the ol’ yellow legend?

CacheMania takes a look at the improved Geocache Navigator.




Geotalk gets an update on the NZ mega event, we hear from an Australian in Peru and we give you the final clue in our Geostuff.com.au competition.

From Podcacher “On our geocaching podcast today, we take you along with us on our Anniversary Day adventure. Along the way, we share some interesting geocaching facebook pages, another special story of geocaching touching lives, a geocaching spin-off game, a GSAK macro created by a listener, and more.”

Trackfiles episode 34 has a “look back at the Icenrye Southwest Tour 2011. Also, there’s a look at two Caching 101 events in the province of British Columbia, three milestones and the latest caption contest from Groundspeek. This plus Podcast Rewind and some video from the trip.”

Geocaching Podcast looks at caching with canines and asks whether you have hidden a geocache.


Common Cache Courtesy: This one person goes out finds it logs it all is well and wonders off course by some private property way up the line from it. takes a picture and logs it with there find on the page!!!!!!

Was this guy geocaching?


Part 2 of mayberryman and reesterbunny’s day at the OTAK geocaching event in Mankato, MN. They had a great time finding more caches, spending time eating and visiting with others, and then taking their prizes to Scheels to do some NASCAR simulator.

Geocache Spoilers find the key to geocaching!

 * Something missing? Feel free to add a link in the comments below. 


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