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Munzee mania keeps marching across the map, with Antarctica now boasting its first gamepiece.

London-based Australian player Zalgariath placed Diggles (Final Frontier) last Tuesday with help from friend Steele Diggles who works at the South Pole Research Base.

“Ever since Munzee conquered the six inhabited continents, there has been a running joke of when will the first munzee be depoyed in Antarctica. Well, here it is,” he writes on the listing page.

It remains to be seen how long it will take for somebody to capture Diggles or how they will configure an internet connection to access the site from -89° 59.893 / -91° 16.74 – though its owner helpfully notes: “Remember to pack extra socks … it gets a might bit chilly.”

This landmark placement is one of nearly 25,000 QR code tags generated by the smartphone application since its July launch, with 4252 initiated during the game’s Double Deployment weekend. Even kjwx’s hometown of Wellington, New Zealand has four munzees, though three of them were deployed by her to benefit from this recent bonus points promotion.

Not to be outdone, GC.com followed its rivals news with the following tweet from its GoGecaching account: “With 1.5 mil geocaches on the globe, there’s one near you, even if you’re inside the Arctic Circle.”



And in yet another reason to buy an iPhone, Apple has revealed its new 4S model can offer faster, more accurate co-ordinate readings with the help of Russia’s GLONASS satellite system.

The Californian giant this week updated the Location specifications for its latest handset to include the Globalnaya Navigazionnaya Sputnikovaya Sistema – a move which sparked some commentators to speculate that the 4S may be using a new Broadcom chipset to do so.

Although the Russian satellites are considered less accurate than their American counterparts, they can work in tandem with GPS to give users improved navigation in the Northern Hemisphere. The radio-based network was launched in 1992 but only achieved global coverage this month when the last of its 24 satellites took orbit.



Upwardly mobile is the best way to describe Petr Sejba as he works on improving his new GeoCheckpointing service.

Since It’s Not About The Numbers profiled the Czech’s geo-game last week, he has almost completed his promised smartphone application and is about to launch a premium membership option. Players can experience the new premium services – including member-only checkpoints – for free during the testing stage.



Ladies and geocachers, allow me to introduce the newly-crowned Sexiest Cachers for 2011 … in the men’s category, we have Pennsylvania chiroprator drneal; in the women’s, Leslie Nevin of Tennessee geo-family Mlrs1996; and for the last-minute addition of a couples title, Derk Grant and Angie Sylvie-Grant of California (GC handle: Deranja).

Announcing the winners on October 16, judge Angela Boykin (GC handle: Doctor A) said it had been a tough choice deciding between the 14 individual entries – including two glamorous felines and one Groundspeak moderator – in her week-long contest on GC.com’s forums.

All of the title-holders have now earnt their nominators one of Boykin’s own Cachin’ Cats geocoins.

Both Nevin and the Grants said they felt honoured to win, with latter adding: “Now that we are the ‘Sexiest Geocaching Couple’ of 2011, we feel like if there was a difficulty terrain 6/6 we could find it with ease. In fact we just might change our name from deranja to ‘SGC-2011’ or better yet, decree that all GC codes should be renamed SGC in our honour.”

The Grants also have big plans for their “two-and-a-half month reign” as ‘SGC’.

“We are excited for the calendar shoot and international tour (At Doctor A’s expense, of course) to promote our sexyness as well as the new geocaching clothing line designed by us (also funded by Doctor A). We also have many goals we would like to achieve with our new-found status:

  1. World peace.
  2. Discover that TB on the International Space Station.
  3. Convince Jeremy Irish and or Signal to get a “Deranja” tattoo.
  4. Befriend Big Foot.
  5. The first ever (and soon to be very coveted) limited-edition Deranja geocoin.

“In closing, we bid congratulations to our fellow winners and look forward to meeting all our fans on tour.”

Nevin, on the other hand, would also like “world peace among all cachers” but would rather compete at MOGA 2012 – the now annual celebration of the original Mega event, run by the Iowa Geocachers Organisation. “I was unable to compete last year due to an unexpected issue with my team member at the last minute.”

NB: It’s Not About The Numbers would also like to thank everyone who voted in our sexy sibling poll, though Cumbyrocks and myself both suspect the other of sneaking on to alternative IP addresses to cast extra ballots. Unfortunately, with the Rugby World Cup semifinal and Cumbyrocks’ wild-goose chase occupying our weekend, we both forgot to close voting and actually enter. Next year maybe.

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  1. Zalgariath

    Nice write up guys 😉 Cheers! I’ll even send out a free Path Tag to whoever captures “Diggles” first hehehe.

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