Nano Bites – October 21, 2011

We don’t have enough time to post on all the things that happen in the geocaching world each week so we’ve decided to produce Nano Bites, a summary of all the best geocaching news online.


Boo! Munzee is hoping to carve a niche for itself with its new Pumpkin Hunt. From October 29th, Pumpkin munzees will start to appear on the smartphone app’s newly enhanced world map. Much like its recent Munzee Gold promotion, this Halloween campaign will give the first person to capture each pumpkin 50 bonus points. The service recently marked it 20,000 QR code deployment and 50,000th capture – and finally has a number of game pieces in kjwx’s hometown of Wellington, New Zealand.

Bet your bottom dollar that other financial institutions will follow suit now that Wisconsin’s North Shore Bank has launched its own geocaching promotion.

The Columbus Dispatch test-drives two GPSr units, internet maps and iPhone’s Maps application to see how badly they adapt to rampant inner-city construction.

Scientists in Nepal have combined cutting-edge gene sequencing technology and GPS to map typhoid’s spread and trace its source, reports BioScholar.

Handshakes may become the new dinosaurs – just like snail mail and telephone operators – thanks to geolocation mobile phone applications such as Blendr and Four Square, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.


Latitude 47  looks at favo(u)rite points this week, including one that has more than 1000!

HeadHardHat gets all Geocoinfest feisty this week with quite a few photos of the event. My favourite is this photo of the very first geocoin (which is very cool!).

Freekacher, who was part of the 2011 Geocoinfest US organising committee, looks back on the event and has a rather interesting list of things they learnt …

Geocaching Journal reports on the new caching guidelines from the East Bay Regional Park District, which includes a few extras on the standard GC.com guidlines.

Science 2.0 explains how your internal GPS works – unlike previously thought, the body’s spatial navigation system may actually be a fixed cellular function that interacts with neurons, rather than an activity that occurs only due to firing neurons.

It’s been a tiring week for the BBC, thanks to the recall of its new line of Top Gear satnavs voiced by host Jeremy Clarkson. Unfortunately, the British broadcaster’s own rules forbid the hit TV show’s presenters from promoting motoring products, so all 54,000 of the TomTom devices have been withdrawn. So there’ll be no driving to such laconic lines: “After 700 yards, assuming this car can make it that far, you have reached your destination, with the aid of 32 satellites and me – well done.”


Looking for some inspiration? Then check out Podcacher show #341 – plus they have a new comp!

The GeoCaching PodCast looks at devices for different levels of geocaching.


Canadian webstore Landsharkz plans to offer its own vlogs in the near future, ranging “from how-to videos to really cool caches and great Vancouver Island destinations”.


Texan Charlie Rhodes – aka GC handle Tekkguy and the owner of pathtags design website GeoTrail – is selling off part of his geocoin collection to fund his studies. Prices range from US$10 to US$7.


Website Go!Animate helps American cacher Egghammer tears strips off the opposition with his latest multi-media puzzle cache, GC35H5P Idiom.


The Geocaching Vlogger shows us why he’s a cache vlogger and not a dance vlogger after some FTF’s with the Reesterbunny.

Geocache Spoilers are banned from geocaching.com! Check out his thoughts. He’s still out and about though and shows us one of his favourite caches.

 * Something missing? Feel free to add a link in the comments below. 


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