Keep Track Of Your Kids When Caching

If you’ve ever worried about losing one of your smaller cachers out on the trail, then this product might be for you … the Pikavu Express Locator.

According to its creator, Spanish company Vision Localisation Systems, you simply place a GPS-enabled wristwatch on your child and use the portable receiver to keep track of them.

From the website:

GPS Wristwatch

  • Pikavu has a very attractive design conceived to be well accepted by children.
  • Waterproof and shockproof.
  • Safety clasp: Pikavu cannot be removed by the child or other children while playing.
  • Alert button: If pressed for five seconds, an alarm will be sent to the portable receiver.

Portable Receiver

  • Open-field localisation system. It is very useful specially when there are no street references (beaches, parks, mountains etc). An arrow will show you the right way and take you right to where your child is.
  • Multiple watches localisation system. This functionality enables you to monitor several Pikavu wristwatches at the same time with just one portable receiver.
  • Near localisation system. Your position is shown related to your child´s one.

Company founders, husband-and-wife team Abilio Caetano and Francisca Garcia, are both telecommunications engineers who aim to marry state-of-the-art technology with a serious problem for families, wandering.

The Seville-based company’s hallmark product, the similarly designed but less colourful Keruve GPS Tracker for Alzheimer’s sufferers, was released commercially in 2007 and followed up by the Pikavu last year.

Specifications and pricing for the Pikavu are below. My initial impressions are that the unit could be very good for offering piece of mind when caching with kids or even just going to the mall.

I’d be very keen to hear from anyone who has used this product – especially when caching – so we can get a first-hand account of how it works.

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