Have Yourself A Pathtag Christmas


If you’re dreaming not of a white Christmas but one filled with shiny, new pathtags, don’t write to Santa – try Australian geocacher Cerena Marion instead.

The owner of webstore Tigersden’s Geocaching Goodies has just initiated a Christmas/New Year swap through the Pathtag Portal on her site. Registration is open till November 20, with the actual trade to take place in early December.

Participants can elect how many of the collectible trackables they want to swap and whether they would prefer a domestic or international partner. Each member will then mail one pathtag and a card to every person they are paired with, and receive the same in return.

This is the first such trade organised by Marion (GC handle: TigersDen), who says: “We all know that we love to receive things in the mail, especially during the holiday season.

“I used to be a part of an ATC swap. ATC is short for Australian trading cards [Editor’s note: or artist trading card in other parts of the world]. I used to have a ball making the cards and it was even better when I received them in the mail. I would get more cards from the club participants than I would from my family and friends.

“There may be a chance you will get a tag or two already in your collection, but having some extras is always a good thing.”

* To register your interest, visit Tigersden’s Geocaching Goodies. kjwx has already signed up; let us know if you do too.

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  1. 'tigersden' Cerena Andrew on Facebook

    Hi Peter, A HUGE thank you for putting this on your blog…I just saw it…so cool…we have 19 participants so far…going to be a BALL receiving those shiny bits of metal in the mail. Cheers

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