Nano Bites – 14th October 2011

We don’t have enough time to post on all the things that happen in the geocaching world each week so we’ve decided to produce Nano Bites, a weekly summary of all the interesting geocaching news online.


15 Countries in 24 Hours – Latitude 47 presents this super feat of caching. 

Our favourite vloggers are also featured on Latitude 47’s second part in the ‘New Horizon of Caching Media

Groundspeak also announce we’ll soon get to have our say in the Groundspeak Customer Survey…coming to an email inbox near you soon.

Eric at Groundspeak has been a busy boy this week, presenting cache “The British Library”.

Geocass raves about the new Cach’eye update.

HeadHardHat is getting all excited about his trip to Geocoinfest US 2011.

Geocaching Mom at Geocaching Adventures manages to do what Cumbyrocks can’t…find some good in Opencaching.com!

KanGuo, which means ‘seen before’ in Chinese, is an app for geotagging nice places you’ve visited. Apparently it goes beyond the ‘nerdy’ image of geocaching and a location based activity for the cool kids. Puh-lease.

kjwx wants to return to her Girl Scout days so she can earn the new Geocacher badge, which has been released with a whole bunch of others.


Spindoc Bob from the Geotalk Podcast visits the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’ (New Zealand) and doesn’t pay INATN a visit… 🙁

Britain’s Pete Mason (GC handle: The Amasons) launches the PodCache Show, having been inspired by his own interview on the UK Geocaching Podcast back in June. Episode No 1 is also available on iTunes.

The Podcacher show, #340, sees them go all mushy with a heart warming tale.

Twin Cities GeoCaching PodCast Episode 69 has Google Maps 3d routes, GSAK 8 Beta, MnGCA Geocoins, Geocaching Challenges, Munzee and…Nick Danger!


kjwx may have cached naked but never nude; those of you not afraid to wear only your birthday suit can now join the Geocaching Nudists group created by LancerJT at True Nudists. So far, there are 20 members.


An interesting debate on owner maintenance and what caching is all about after an owner maintenance issue doesn’t get resolved.

AmishHacker can’t hold back anymore on his frustration with lamppost skirt caches.

A really nice thread on teaching geocaching…ahh, so nice to have a thread without a whole lot of negativity!


The Geocaching Vlogger visits a moving cache with kittycatgato and woodyjr.

Geocache Spoilers finds a sneaky so and so, a Cumbyrocks fav – the hidden bolt, and a cleverly constructed branch geocache.


* Something missing? Feel free to add a link in the comments below. 


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