Are You Game To Help Groundspeak?

Groundspeak has a new game it wants to play with you – Twenty Questions.

In its weekly newsletter, the Seattle company asks geocachers to complete its new Groundspeak Member Survey so that staff can set goals for the coming 18 months.

“Each October, the Groundspeak lackeys commence planning for the following year. We want you to help us make sure we’re on the right track.

“In the next couple of weeks, you may receive a link via email to a survey titled Groundspeak Member Survey. The sender is survey@groundspeak.com and the email will be sent via SurveyMonkey.com.”

But by the sounds of it, only select geocachers will get a chance to respond.

“We hope that those of you who receive the survey will take five to 20 minutes to complete it. The time depends on the level of detail you wish to provide in the open-ended questions.”

According to the newsletter, it has been “about a year and a half” since the company’s last major survey – which would explain why Cumbyrocks and myself have never seen one before.

“In that time, 500,000 new geocaches have been hidden and the number of logs posted in a 30-day period has grown by more than 30 per cent,” Groundspeak writes. “In an activity growing so quickly, with thousands of people introduced to geocaching each day, a year and a half can mean a lot of major changes!”

* If you’re asked to complete the Groundspeak Member Survey, let It’s Not About The Numbers know – either in the comments section below or through our Contacts page.



  1. CraigRat

    I got ‘selected’ this time (I didn’t on the last one)

    The questions were pretty standard, some building a profile of you (age, salary range all the usual stuff) then questions about what parts of the site you use, a bit on trackables and then some what are we doing right, what are we doing wrong type questions.

    Nothing exciting….. although there were a fair few things about trackables, I wonder if they are planning a revamp on that front (not that I care, I don’t do the trackable thing)

  2. Charles Stewart on Facebook

    I did it last week

  3. Guwapo's Papa

    Just finished survey,

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