Are You Too Sexy For Your Cache?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the sexiest geocacher of them all?

That’s what American cacher Angela Boykin (GC handle: Doctor A) wants to know as she seeks one man and one woman on whom she can bestow the title of Sexy Cacher 2011.

So convinced that our outdoor efforts have left us with six-pack abs and glowing skin, the Californian resident has launched a competition on GC.com’s forums to find the most attractive among us.

She got the idea from a resurrected GC.com thread about a similar competition in 2009.

“I thought it was pretty cool to scroll through and see that there are some pretty attractive cachers out there! So I decided that we need a new cointest.”

No, that’s not a typo. While two lucky entrants will win a sexy sounding title, the main prizes – two of Angela’s own Cachin’ Cats geocoins – are for the pair who nominated them.

According to her official Sexy Cacher 2011 competition rules:

  1. There’ll be a contest for sexiest male and sexiest female cacher.
  2. One entry of a female cacher and one entry of a male cacher per person/cacher account.
  3. The person who ENTERS the sexy cacher is the winner, NOT the sexy cacher.
  4. You can’t enter yourself, no matter how sexy you think you are.
  5. All decisions about who is the sexiest are entirely subjective and up to me, although if I have trouble deciding, I may solicit the input from some of my friends.
  6. You don’t have to know the person you enter, but they must have a caching account, so I should be able to go to their caching profile and see pictures that match the picture you post – I don’t want any ringers thrown in, so be sure to include their caching name.

When asked how she defines sex appeal, Angela says: “It’s just kind of a feeling I get when looking at a picture. For a cacher-sexy contest though, I’d say an attractive person clearly engaged in caching has a strong appeal.”

Entries must be posted on her forum thread by noon (Pacific time) on Sunday, October 16th, with the winners’ names announced later that evening.

Sor far, only one sexy nominee – Minnesota’s knowschad – has been put forward by both Harry Dolphin and Fianccetto for his “dogged determination” and “irascibility”, though Angela is hoping for many more nominees to make judging “more of a challenge”.

In case you’re wondering, the 2009 contest was won by … NudeCacher (and his nominator D@nim@l.)











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